Why the urine and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention - about the kidneys

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

If a person has serious problems in ureasual channels, this is reflected on his quality of life. Many men discover that when urine, they strongly foam urine. Someone may seem that this is the usual thing, but still, should the leaving fluid should be foaming?

To answer this question, you need to figure out what urine is what its composition and how it looks like.

What is urine?

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Urine is a clear indicator of the state of the human body. If Urin is foaming from male representatives, this is the first sign that serious problems arose.

Water, salts and toxic substances are derived from the body with urine. Its chemical composition affects age, human weight and state of the immune system.

In a healthy man, urine has this kind:

  1. Yellowish tint.
  2. It does not have a strong smell.
  3. No foam with every urination.

If a man, foam appears, but she quickly disappears, then you have nothing to worry about. However, when the urine is dark and foam, then you need to urgently turn to the doctor.

Important! A sharp change of urine color and strong smell, suggests that a person develops a disease.

Why can the urine foam?

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Not everyone understands why the urine is foaming. The reason is that there is a sufficient amount of proteins in the withdrawing fluid. Proteins are active substances that hit the liquid form a foam. Although proteins are vital elements, they should not be in the urine.

If you notice that almost always your urine is muddy and foam, then plan an urgent campaign to the hospital.

The main reasons for the appearance of foam:

  • Diseases of prostate gland.
  • After sex, the urine is foaming due to sperm, which includes protein and organic acid.
  • Different abnormalities associated with buds.
  • With sugar diabetes. Because of the large amount of glucose, Urina begins to foam.
  • Hypertension and heart disease.
  • The victim of the bladder from the infection has fallen.
  • Renal diseases.

Only a doctor can detect the real reason for the appearance of foam, therefore, each patient needs to be examined.

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention


There are different reasons for the appearance of foam, one of them is proteinurium. Some, not fully understand what it means. It should be noted that this is not a disease, but a consequence of various human ailments.

Doctors discovered three types of proteinuria:

  1. Transient proteinuria is never treated, it passes by itself . It is caused by such phenomena as: constant stress, strong fatigue, hypothermia, if the temperature is raised during the day due to different diseases. When eliminating these reasons and lead the body, the foam disappears.
  2. Ortestatic . Despite medical progress, scientists did not find the cause of this person. But it is worth noting that with such a proteinuria, there is no protein in the urine.
  3. Static . The cause of this syndrome is the incident infection. In this case, the protein is constantly contained in the urine.

Tip! If you want to determine whether there is a protein in the urine, buy a test strip in the pharmacy.

Natural causes of foam

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

When a person deliberates the urine, the foam, which appeared during urination, is a normal phenomenon . The liquid comes out under strong pressure, so a foam appears that quickly disappears.

When the street is very hot or a man engaged in sports The person decreases blood volume. Due to the large amount of salt in Urin, foam may appear.

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However, if the foam is formed constantly and does not disappear for a long time, it is a reason to go for a consultation to the doctor.

Tip! Observe for your urine and your physical condition for some time, then you can understand the resulting foam is a distress signal or a normal phenomenon.

What to do?

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

To understand how to treat the disease, you need to understand for which reasons and under what diseases a foam appeared. Find out this person can not independently, so need to seek help from a specialist .

It is impossible to allocate the total for all treatment. Each has its own reasons for this disease, someone needs to treat the kidneys, and someone struggles with infection using antibiotics.

Tip! Drink a lot of clean water, then it will bring the whole slag from the body and improve all organs. Doctors recommend drinking three liters of water per day, regardless of the time of year.


Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

It is important to keep track of your meals. Nutritionists say that it is food and water that is either a man grief, or they are able to heal it. Review than and how often you eat. If you wake up your body, then no infection will harm you. It is a person who climbs the body all his life, and then tries to restore it.

Teach yourself in time to go to the toilet and intentionally do not hold back to the urine. Do not overpow yourself with physical exertion. Eliminate stress sources and enhance a balanced lifestyle.

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Why urine foaming

Some men and women are concerned about the unusual symptom: the urine is foaming, white bubbles are collected along the edge of the jar for analyzes. What is it and with what is connected?

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Why the foam appears in the urine in men

Water can foam in men for various reasons, both physiological and pathological. One symptom, regular appearance of foam, does not necessarily talk about the disease. However, if there are related signs, it is necessary to undergo a survey.

What situations should foam urine in men and it will be the norm:

  • The liquid is derived from the urethra at high speed. The mechanism is simple - everyone saw how the mixer whipped foam. There is approximately a similar procedure. This usually occurs in men who are long holding back the urinary and bladder before the process is full of "under the string";
  • Unbalanced menu. Excess proteins can be excreted with urinous. The problem is solved simply - an increase in the share of products with the content of carbohydrates.
  • Household chemicals, which handle equipment of the restroom, can react with urine. In order to exclude such reasons, it is enough to sing a small need for another dishes and see if there are white bubbles.

Treatment will be required in the case of proteinuria. This is a pathological process accompanied by an increased protein content in the urine. It gives the effect of foam. The symptom indicates an unhealthy and can be called different groups of diseases. You should analyze your lifestyle, and your health for additional symptoms. Optimally - consult a doctor.

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Pathological processes that can cause foam appearance:

  • Inflammatory processes in the bladder, urinary tract. The cap of whitish bubbles in these cases can be well noticeable and volumetric. Additional symptoms indicating the inflammatory process: diarrhea, elevated temperature;
  • Retrograde ejaculation. Watering muddy, foams because of the seed liquid in it. Probable cause is a violation of the function of the sphincter holding the urine;
  • Stones in the bustling bubble. When blocking the biliary path, bile enters the blood. Halema develops, that is, the accumulation of bile acids in the blood, and the urine is subjected to oxidation. Urina with a ball-name illness acquires a dark or red color;
  • The acquired weakness of the urogenital sphincter due to prostatitis, after operations on the urethra, or due to the reception of some drugs;
  • Swiss on the intestinal walls, which may appear due to the development of tumors. Other reasons causeing a violation of intestinal intestinal walls and bladder walls. In addition to the foam urine acquires the smell of feces, it becomes dark. The state requires immediate intervention.

And also proteinuria accompanies blood cancer, heart disease and vessels, prostate diseases, diabetes, hepatitis in the aggravation stage.

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Why water foams in women

Quite often appears foam in pregnant women, which, of course, causes questions, and suddenly this indicates serious problems.

Why can the urine in pregnant women during urination:

  • Late Toxicosis or Gestosis;
  • Proteinuria;
  • Too rapid urination, visiting the toilet with a crowded bladder, increased loads on the organs of the excretory system;
  • The body lacks fluid.

Gestosis and proteinuria from these reasons are the most dangerous. Proteinuria is easily detected, in time, passing general urine tests.

If there is a suspicion of protein content, it is enough to tell your gynecologist, it will give direction to the analysis.

Gesstosis is not difficult to notice on additional features: weakness, dizziness, nausea, especially in the morning, excessive weight gain, vomiting, increase blood pressure.

If the urine is foaming during pregnancy, and after the delivery, the symptom continues to disturb, you can suspect:

  • Infectious diseases of the urinary system, especially with the damage to the intestinal stick and streptococci. The appearance of the foamy liquid is accompanied by pain, women note the resignation, burning, discomfort in the lower back and at the bottom of the abdomen;
  • Cystitis, inflammation of the small pelvis organs - is often found in young women because of the inadvertent in their health;
  • Diseases of the kidneys: nephrosclerosis, pyelonephritis, amyloidosis (violation of protein metabolism). In the case of amyloidosis, the symptom "strongly foams" will not be the only one, but most pronounced. During the first 2 weeks of the disease, no symptoms will not be noticeable, except for light weakness;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, urogenital infections. Additional feature: Urine due to the appearance of leukocytes, mucus and bacteria in it acquires an atypical smell and color;
  • Diseases of the heart and vessels, diabetes, other autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, hepatitis, fistula in the intestine;
  • An unfavorable environmental situation. Accumulation in the body of heavy metals salts.

Alarm symptoms

In addition to the fact that urine is greatly foaming, should alert:

  • Unpleasant odor, or change it;
  • Tint. Dark color means problems with a cookie or a bubble bubble, a pinkish color speaks about the presence of blood in Urin. Her presence is a sign that there is inflammation in the urinary system organs;
  • The foam is not settled for a long time (symptom of severe proteinuria).

The foaming urine in a child is a disease in similar cases. That is, the perpetual symptoms should be alert: yellow, "beer" color of the selection, a reddish "meat" shade.

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

In any case, for a start, it is enough to pass the overall and daily analysis of urine on a protein. In the future, adults or children can designate the following studies:

  • General blood analysis;
  • Blood chemistry;
  • Sowing Urina;
  • Ultrasound kidneys;
  • Angionenography;
  • The tribe of rherier-tareeva;
  • X-ray;
  • Cystoscopy;
  • Sperm analysis.

Treatment depending on the cause

The treatment diagram is assigned only by a doctor and only after identifying the exact cause. Before that, no medical events are unacceptable. The presence of diabetes mellitus, urinary diseases, the development of gestosis in pregnant women, diseases of the testicles, kidney disease - will require radically different medicines and procedures.

You should contact the urologist. Even for a healthy person, Urin's study will not be superfluous.

Many disorders are secondary or unclear. Urine can foam after sexual intercourse - the only thing is that the remnants of the ejaculate are mixed with urinous. In this case, diagnosis and treatment will not be needed.

At the same time, retrograde ejaculation, that is, the release of a small amount of sperm in the urethra can be triggered by diabetes or failures in the work of the prostate. What to do? Treat the root cause.

Dark urine, the presence of protein and blood in the urine in people with elevated weight, foaming urine in women, periodically emerging pains during the emptying of the bladder - treatment begins with the identification of the exact reason that caused the appearance of a protein that forms foam.

If there is a high probability that these are infectious diseases of the bladder or urinary tract, then antibiotics are prescribed, abundant drinking.

Note: With this problem, it is also impossible to choose a universal preparation.

Antibiotics are selected only individually, given the contraindications that have already existing experience in the reception of such drugs, immunity, causative agent. What if there is a suspicion of the STD?

What should not be done, so it is to choose funds for men or women, relying on the recommendations of friends, forums on the network, to engage in self-medication. The disease transmitted by sexually can also be asymptomatic. Therefore, even if there is only one sign of the disease - characteristic bubbles - it is better to immediately consult a doctor.


It is impossible to protect against all the reasons for the appearance of characteristic bubbles with specific measures of prevention, but the state of the human body strongly depends on the general indicators: endurance, resistance, immunity. Therefore, tall measures will be useful. The following are actions that prevent infections of the urogenital system, proteinuria.

Experts recommend:

  1. Avoid excessive physical exertion;
  2. Comply with water and drinking mode;
  3. There are small portions;
  4. Complete meals in the presence of a light feeling of hunger;
  5. Balance the diet on the content of protein / fats / carbohydrates, avoiding distortion;
  6. Do not wait for the overflow of the bladder;
  7. Do not launch such diseases as cystitis;
  8. Sitting on a cold can not;
  9. At least once a year, a full examination of the andrologist or a gynecologist.

And also need to know and apply the rules of intimate and sexual hygiene. Compliance with these simple recommendations will allow you to notice the disease in time and take action.

Why urine foams link to the main publication Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

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Foams urine in men and women: the reasons what to do how to treat

The urine is foaming both in men and women. This state contributes several factors, among which physiological and pathological reasons are distinguished. Foam in the urine is a serious reason to seek help to the doctor. Any changes in urine often indicate serious diseases or violations in the work of the body.

Causes of foam formation in urine in men and women

The reasons for changing the color of urine (in this situation - the formation of foam) may be temporary. And as soon as these factors are eliminated, Urina will again become normal. Physiological factors provoking foaming include such:

  • excessive physical exertion;
  • Strong emotional shocks, stress;
  • supercooling or overheating of the body;
  • Fever. Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Foaming urine can form and as a result of receiving some medicines or against the background of unbalanced nutrition (for example, consumption in large quantities of food, which contains a high level of protein).

At the same time, pathological reasons indicate the presence of serious diseases in the body.

Men and women may have problems with urination and changes in urin composition in diabetes, amyloidosis of kidneys, infectious diseases of urinary tract, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis and other diseases.

Among the pathological conditions provoking foaming in Urin with blood impurities, they allocate hypertension (at the chronic stage), disruption of the brain, its concussion, diabetes in the later stages.

It is often foaming and after chemical poisoning with heavy metals, after the bite of the snake, with renal failure. To determine the exact reason that caused changes in this kind, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive examination, on the basis of which will be diagnosed.

Representatives of male urine, it happens, is foaming due to the presence of sperm in the urethre after intimate proximity and infections affecting the urinary paths.

Also, causes can be hidden in strong sexual tension, are caused by a large accumulation of sperm, which provokes problems when urinating. Excess sperm needs a yield, so it often falls into the bladder area.


Watering is foaming during pregnancy. During this period, the body of women is subject to serious changes and loads, which affects its general condition. When pregnancy, water is greatly foaming in women for several reasons. For example, with fast and strong urination, air may fall or the level of protein in the urine strongly exceeds the norm, and the body receives an insufficient amount of fluid.

Causes may not be associated with hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy. For example, Urina is foaming and after it is mixed with the means that are used to cleanse the toilet bowl. Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Being in position, women regularly rent tests and are examined, which makes it possible to identify any pathology in the initial stages and the negative consequences can be eliminated as soon as possible.

Doctors are required to closely monitor the level of protein in the body of a pregnant patient. This will make it possible to prevent proteinuria (a condition in which the level of protein significantly exceeds the norm).

If after the 20th week of pregnancy, women are observed frequent headaches, strongly jumps the pressure, and also swell the limbs (mostly legs), then the future mother develops predica. Complications are often accompanied by the formation of foam in Urin. This state is important to reveal in the early stages, since it threatens not only the child, but also the mother.

Problems in the child

If we are talking about child patients, then most often foaming is caused by a feverish state, excessive physical exertion, stressful situations or dehydration.

In other cases, an increase in the level of protein in a child can be provoked by orthostatic proteinuria. Today, doctors do not fully know the reason that causes such a fortune, but they consider it almost harmless to children of adolescence. To eliminate the renal failure or the presence of infectious diseases, the child must regularly pass urine analysis.

Prevention and treatment measures

If difficulties in urination are observed regularly, it is necessary to help the body return to the previous direction. For example, often urine is foaming only due to lack of water. In this regard, it is necessary to significantly increase the amount of fluid consumed.

The foundation should be purified drinking water. The rate is at least two and a half liters per day. Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

The basic measures of prevention also include balanced healthy nutrition.

The daily diet should include a sufficient amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. To reduce the load on the body and on the kidney, including it is better to eat regularly, but in small portions. This will give the opportunity to normalize the metabolism.

It is necessary to regularly and thoroughly process the toilet. This will prevent infection by any infections that are more susceptible to female representatives. If the urine is foaming more than five days and all possible physiological factors are excluded, it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will conduct an ultrasound examination of the kidneys and direct the patient to surrender urine analysis.

The course of therapy will depend on the cause. So, if the formation of foam in the urine contributed pathological processes, then in the first place it is necessary to treat the disease itself. For example, when there are kidney disease, the doctor is an individual course that the patient must pass to the end.

In cases where the main reason lies in diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, the doctor will take measures capable of taking control of the patient's health.

A set of exercises can also be assigned and a special diet is prescribed, which will help to normalize and improve the patient's condition. Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

In addition, it is necessary to exclude too intense physical exertion, protect yourself from stressful situations. If professional activities are negatively affected by the nervous system, it is recommended to change the work.


Urina is foaming due to elevated protein level in the patient's body. Foaming can be caused by both physiological and pathological causes. Physiological factors are easily eliminated, while pathologies require long-term treatment.

The main way of prevention includes the right lifestyle: balanced nutrition, moderate sports, sufficient use of fluid. The course of treatment will depend on the cause that caused the formation of foamy urine.

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Foam in the urine in a man: reasons

The reasons why men foams urine today a large number is known. All thanks to numerous medical research. If such a symptom appeared, in no case is not tedious to panic, but it is important to consult a doctor to clarify all factors.

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention


In case, when urination, the foam originated once, then there is nothing dangerous. However, it is better to watch your self-sustaining and secondary manifestations for the concept of true reason why urine is foaming.

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

The foam urine layer can provoke a number of the following factors:

  • The main reason is the rapid process of urination. This happens, because the urinary flow comes out of the urethral hole at a very high speed, the resulting fluid is removed, leading to the formation of foam. Basically, this happens in men who have a habit to tolerate and hold back to the allocation of urine;
  • Another reason that is harmless is the use of household chemicals, which contains seals (surfactants). The fact is that the presented substances presented on the surface of the rim and walls left on the surface of the rim and walls, when contacting urin, is beginning to be activated and such activation by foaming is manifested;

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

  • Sometimes urine foams in infants due to the transformation of the urinary tract for a new principle of activity. It is not necessary to treat such a phenomenon because it passes with time by itself;
  • Often, the provoking factor is incorrect meals, where the increased use of protein products is observed. Treatment in this case is an adjustment of food habits.
  • In a situation where the Urina is foaming repeatedly throughout the day, with a greater probability it can be said that the development of proteinuria occurs.

What is proteinuria

This disorder is characterized by an elevated content of protein structures in Urin, which is a consequence of the pathological disorder of the kidneys or other internal organs. Conduct the disease can:

  • diabetes;
  • heart disease and the entire network of blood vessels in general;
  • infections affecting the urinary tract;
  • fistula on the intestinal surface;
  • Prostate diseases.


Also, the appearance of foam in Urin can be a signal of development of some diseases, which we will talk below:

Inflammation of the urogenital system

As a result of inflammation of the urinary tract organs, there is a risk of urine with foam, like a beer poured into a glass. As a rule, this kind of disease is characterized by other concomitant features:

  • hypertermia of the genital organs;
  • liquid chair.

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, preventionCystitis - bladder inflammation


Disorders associated with biliary tracts also cause foaming. Bile disease is often characterized by closing the ducts, as a result of which the bile returns back to the blood with the occurrence of Halemi. The occurrence of foam is explained by the effect of various kinds of acids and bilirubin on the urine due to the conversion of its composition.

Retrograde ejaculation

Poaming urine can also be a sign of retrograde ejaculation. At the same time, the sperm fluid enters the urine. The presented disease develops in violation of the functioning of the urinary sphincter and is eliminated exclusively with the help of urological treatment.


Another of the reasons for the foaming of urin is the progression of oncological phenomena, affecting the system of bloodwakes.


As can be seen in the foam in the urine, there are both safe, so, and causing complications provoking factors. In any case, that the development of negative consequences does not occur, it is necessary to visit the medical institution and seek advice from a specialist.

Also to maintain male health need:

  • periodically visit the urologist;
  • eat right;
  • moving a lot and play sports;
  • to refuse from bad habits.

A source: http://andrologmed.ru/simptomy/penitsya-mocha

Funny urine: causes, symptoms, treatment, risks, consequences, which diseases can be when urine is foaming

Funny urine often becomes a result of too powerful urine flux with quick urination. However, some medical conditions can also cause this effect.

If a person often notices a foam urine or observes other symptoms along with it, he needs to talk about this with a doctor.

In the current article, we consider the causes of foaming urine and accessible treatment options for each of the related states.


Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Fast stream when urination can cause foam urine

If a person emits a significant amount of urine in one approach or makes it too fast and with great effort, then the urine can take a foamy look. High bladder emptying rate sometimes leads to a temporary foam.

Watering may seem foamy due to soap or other detergents in the toilet.

In addition, such an effect is capable of calling some medical conditions. Below are the most common of them.


If the urine is dark and highly concentrated, it can foam. This often occurs due to the fact that a person does not consume sufficient fluid volumes, such as water that dilutes other substances in the urine.

Kidney disease

One of the main tasks of the kidneys is the preservation of blood proteins when filtering the metabolic products. These proteins perform important functions in the body, in particular, support the balance of liquids.

If a person has a kidney disease, proteins can fall from the kidneys in the urine, as a result of which a state is developing, which in medicine is called proteinuria.

Excess proteins reduce the surface urine tension, which leads to the formation of foam. A similar effect has a soap on the water.

Proteinuria can be injured by the sign of kidney disease. To her other symptoms applies the following:

  • Itching skin;
  • nausea;
  • dyspnea;
  • edema;
  • inexplicable fatigue;
  • frequent urination;
  • vomiting.

If a person observes these symptoms and has a family history of kidney disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, then he should consult a doctor for a survey.


Diabetes and other reasons for increased blood sugar levels can lead to foam urine.

With uncontrolled diabetes in the body, a greater number of glucose molecules are contained. Glucose molecules have large sizes as protein.

If the blood glucose level is too high, the kidneys may face difficulties when filtering its molecules. As a result, excess glucose and proteins will fall into the urine.

In addition to fenastic urine, people with uncontrolled diabetes may have the following symptoms:

  • visual disorders;
  • dry mouth;
  • constant feeling of thirst;
  • Frequent need to go to the toilet;
  • inexplicable hunger;
  • itching on the skin;
  • Inexplicable fatigue.

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Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

When identifying the causes of a foam urine, the doctor will take a sample of urine on the analysis

The doctor can diagnose the cause of foaming urine by performing its analysis, which helps determine how high the level of protein in the urine.

If the urine shows a high level of protein, then the doctor may want to confirm that this state is observed permanently. For this, he will recommend an analysis in which a person will collect all his urine throughout the day.

With a subsequent laboratory study of urine, the relation of albumin to creatinine will be considered. Albumin is the main protein in the urine, creatinine is another product of metabolism.

  • If the ratio of albumin to creatinine in the patient's urine exceeds the norm, this may indicate a kidneys or a kidney injury that affects the filtering process.
  • The doctor may assign additional analyzes to estimate the level of glucose or other indicators of the kidney.
  • A specialist can also offer visualized diagnostic procedures, such as magnetic resonance imaging, which will ensure that there are no problems in the structure of the kidneys.


Treatment during foamy urine depends on the state that causes the problem.

With dehydration, a person will need to increase the volume of liquids consumption until the urine becomes a pale yellow or almost transparent.

If the foam urine causes diabetes, the doctor may write oral drugs or insulin injections to reduce blood sugar levels. The patient with such a disease must be regularly monitored blood sugar levels. This will allow a person to know that the sugar content is at an acceptable level.

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

By consumption of significant volumes of fluid and reception of special drugs, you can get rid of foam urine

For kidney disease, the doctor will also prescribe special drugs. In addition, it can recommend a patient to make positive changes in lifestyle. Such changes include the following:

  • Using a healthy sodium healthy diet;
  • control of high blood pressure;
  • control of blood sugar levels;
  • Regular physical activity;
  • to give up smoking.

People with severe kidney diseases or with kidneys that work badly may need dialysis. Dialysis is a medical procedure that artificially cleans blood from the substance metabolism products.

Perspectives of treatment

If a person has a foaming urine, he should first consider the most likely reasons. Such reasons include too powerful pressure when urination, dehydration or soap in the toilet.

However, if the foaming urine is accompanied by other symptoms or is observed regularly, then in such situations it is necessary to meet with a doctor for subsequent diagnosis.

A source: https://medmaniac.ru/pochemu-mocha-penitsya/

Why the urine is foaming and what the main symptoms of pathology

Why water and men are foaming: causes, treatment, prevention

Changes in the urine


10.4 thousand

7 thousand

5 minutes.

Urine is a biological fluid, which is derived from the urinary system - kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra. With their help, the body gets rid of finite metabolic products.

By the nature of urine, you can judge the condition of the body. Changes in properties may mean that the organism develops a pathological process.

When foam appears in Urin, it is necessary to seek medical care in a timely manner in order to identify the cause and determination of further therapeutic tactics.

When urine is foaming, this is a sign of the presence of a protein, which is normal or does not exceed the boundary of 0.033 g / l. In the norm, the kidney does not pass protein due to its size, but sometimes he still penetrates into secondary urin. If the level exceeds the conditionally allowable border, then this speaks about proteinuria. Its reasons are different, associated with pathology, but may also have a physiological nature:

Disease Features of development Proteinuria
Glomerulonephritis This is a bilateral kidney damage due to the production of autoantibodies to the renal floppers. There is a connection with the suffered angina for the last 2-3 weeks. Causes Glomerulonephritis B-hemolytic Streptococcus Group A. It may proceed as an independent disease, and develop with some systemic lesions - system red lupus, hemorrhagic vasculitis and others
Pyelonephritis Infectious kidney damage. The process is one-sided or bilateral. Inflammation in the kidneys usually has an infectious nature, changes occur in all the anatomical structures of the urinary system, much depends on the degree of severity of the pathological process
Amyloidosis kidneys The disease associated with the metabolic disorder is deposited by amyloid. It is a protein-polysaccharide compound that violates the functions of the organ. In urology, amyloidosis is 1 - 2.8% of all renal diseases
Cystitis Inflammatory urinary bubble disease. Due to the larger length of the urethra in men in comparison with women (men - 18-20 cm, women - 8-10 cm) The frequency of morbidity is 0.5% of all urological pathologies. Cystitis is caused by various bacterial flora, it is divided into 2 types: non-specific (enterococci, streptococci, klebseyella, and so on) and specific (gonococci, chlamydia, trichomonas, mycobacterium tuberculosis)
Urethritis Inflammatory process in the urethra. It occurs more often in men than women. Ethiology is the same as with cystitis - nonspecific and specific microflora. As a result of inflammation in the lumen of the urethra, protein is highlighted
Prostatitis Inflammation of the prostate gland. Etiology - infectious (bacteria, viruses, mushrooms, etc.) and non-infectious (stagnation, venous stasis). Prostate is in close proximity to the bladder and its secret is displayed through the absurd of urethra, so protein components lead to the appearance of foam in Urin
Swister between the intestine and bladder When swishching the air from the intestine falls into the bladder, "foaming" of urine occurs
Diabetes Chronic disruption of metabolism, which is based on insufficient secretion of insulin hormone in response to increasing glucose levels. Today, diabetes mellitus is an urgent problem, about 10% of the world's population suffer from this pathology, not including hidden forms. The disease is based on insulin deficiency, produced by the islands of Langergans of the pancreas, is hereditary character, has many manifestations, among the main - change in the quality and amount of urine
Arterial hypertension Cardiovascular disease. It may be primary (essential), arising after 45 years, and secondary (symptomatic) arising at a young age. In primary, target organs are affected, including the kidneys. In symptomatic hypertension, an increase in blood pressure arises due to the defeat of various systems, in this case urinary. Because of the increased pressure in the vessels, the filtration capacity and large protein molecules are undergoing in secondary urin.

Physiological reasons:

  1. 1. Long-term urination delay - in this case, urine comes under high pressure, mixed with air and its "foaming" occurs.
  2. 2. Excessive flow of protein with food leads to proteinuria.
  3. 3. Excessive fluid intake - the mechanism as with a delay - urine comes under high pressure and mixed with air.
  4. 4. Insufficient fluid consumption - the volume of urine decreases, but its concentration increases, which leads to fencing due to increased density.
  5. 5. After severe physical exertion, a minor amount of protein with urine occurs.

In newborns (from the moment of birth to 28 days), the foam urine is due to the restructuring of the urinary system and after a few days it comes to normal. In the first day after birth, the amount of urine is from 10 to 50 ml and in the future increases. In adolescence, proteinuria is due to shifts against the background of intensive growth in the body.

In childhood, the glomerulonephritis is more often developed, therefore the diagnosis of diseases of the urinary system is beginning with its exception.

Chronic kidney diseases in adulthood often have the beginning in the preschool period, when their therapy was untimely and defective, which serves as a reason for the prolonged inflammation and the transition of the pathological process into a chronic focus of infection. With each favorable period, due to the hypothermation or reduction of immunity, aggravation is provoked.

Pathological causes of foaming are usually accompanied by concomitant symptoms. The physiological nature of the presence of a protein in Urin flows without an additional clinical picture. After identifying a trait, a man needs to pay attention to the state of health, try to identify other signs of diseases. Among the main allocate:

  • temperature increase;
  • Color change - dark urine or bright, watery;
  • Student night urination;
  • Pain in the lower back, in the renal projection;
  • discomfort in the cavity of a small pelvis;
  • cutting when urination;
  • chills, headaches, dizziness;
  • nausea, vomiting and decreased appetite;
  • Evenkers in the morning.

In the formation of a bride swash, in addition to the foaminess, there is a sharp unpleasant smell from the mixing of urine and the carte masses. This is a life-degrading condition in which plastic is required to close the fistula. It is formed more often due to malignant neoplasms, bowel diseases.

The diseases of the liver and biliary tract affect the urinary system indirectly. Jaundice is manifested by yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes, skin itch, pain in the right hypochondrium. In the blood test, hyperbilirubinemia is observed. Urine becomes dark and frothy.

Each pathological condition carries a threat to life, so when the first signs of the disease, the disease must be referred to as a specialist. Begin treatment without prior consultation of the doctor and the necessary diagnostics is dangerous, the development of complications is not excluded.

The man is important to comply with the regime of labor and recreation, avoid hypoints and overwork. It is strictly forbidden to be undergoing severe physical work.

Sport classes, even the implementation of preventive gymnastics is recommended only after eliminating diseases and on the recommendation of the attending physician. It is important to monitor the hygiene of the genital organs.

It is recommended to refuse synthetic linen, replacing with cotton.

The key value is powered and drinking mode. On a day it is necessary to drink an average of 1-2 liters of water, depending on the physiological characteristics of the structure of the human body.

Half from the volume can be replaced by unsweetened compotes or fruit. The most useful for the urinary system cranberry and brushing system. It is worth excluding fatty and acute food from the diet.

In most cases, a diet with a limitation of rich protein products is recommended.

A source: https://zdravman.com/kidneys-bladder/urine/penistaya-mocha.html.

Why foam appears in the urine: the causes of pathology and its diagnosis. Foam in the urine in a man: reasons

  • The appearance of urin, its color, consistency, the presence in the urine of bubbles is the ability to identify the disease at the earliest stage of development.
  • Even the most insignificant deviation from the norm, for example, if the urine comes, comes out with air bubbles on its surface, contains a precipitate, changes the shade, can talk about any disease of the human urine system.
  • The absolutely healthy person Urina is transparent, there is practically no smell, foam, painted in light yellow color.

Watering a foam can occur one-time. In such cases, it is not very panicing. First you just need to watch your body.

Napatological reasons

Sometimes, when there are no ailments or any other symptoms, the reason why urine is foaming, are nonpatological factors, in particular:

  1. For a long time, the bladder is not emptied, despite the urge. In this case, when urination, Urina comes out under some pressure, meets air on the way, mixed with it, which provokes foam formation. Also arises foam in the urine in women during pregnancy, only in this case on the bladder presses the fruit. There is nothing terrible in this factor. The only thing that long abstinence is not recommended, because it can lead to the stretching of the bladder and to its dysfunction.
  2. Polyuria is also not dangerous for humans, arises after the use of fluid by the body in large quantities and further intensive removal of it. When using products and reception of some drugs with diuretic properties (for example, coffee, watermelons, cucumbers), a strengthened isolation of urin with some pressure, which provokes foam formation.
  3. Bubbles in the urine often arise as a result of the reinforced use of protein food. If the dose of protein required per day is exceeded, and there are various pathological processes in the kidneys, there is a high probability of selection of protein in Urin, which entails the formation of foam.
  4. Lack of fluid is also a reason for foaming when urinating. On average, a healthy person should receive a daily amount of a liquid, equal to 30 ml per day per kilogram of weight. Naturally, water should be clean, non-carbonated. If the need is not covered, a lack of fluid is formed, and in the hot period and the body loss is at all. As a result, the amount of urins in the bladder decreases, and the number of output components is growing.

Pathological reasons

  1. The reason why urine comes out with foam can be the pathological conditions of the body.
  2. As a rule, urine is strongly foaming due to the presence of protein in the urine, the so-called proteinurium arising from problems with the filtering function of the kidneys, or the reason for this is the development of gestosis in a pregnant woman.
  3. In healthy people such a state should not be. There are fundamental primordants that cause the appearance in the urine of bubbles, allocate:
  1. Pathological disorders: pyelonephritis, sclerotic changes, glomerulonephritis, amyloidosis
  2. Many foam in the urine can be with the development of the infectious disease of the urinary system.

    As a rule, such a state is observed during urogenital infections, in which a large number of mucus, leukocytes and bacteria fall into the urine. In parallel with this, there is pain during sexual intercourse, urination.

    Additional symptoms are various discharge from the vagina in women and urethra in men, as well as a strong itching, burning in infected areas.

  3. If there is a fistula in the zone of the urogenital system, it is also the cause of adherence, because the air falls out of it and mixes with it.

    At the same time, there is a sharp smell of urin, the presence of malicual inclusions, as well as a change in urine color. The occurrence of fistula is a very difficult condition that requires urgent hospitalization and operational intervention.

    As a rule, such defects occur in the pathologies of the thick bowel, various neoplasms that lead to a violation of its integrity.

  4. Toxicosis is the reason why urine is foaming in women during baby tooling. Moreover, the state is observed, as a rule, in the early time.

    If a woman often tears, it loses a lot of fluid, which, in turn, leads to the concentration of urins and the emergence of foam.

  5. In men, foaming occurs in the presence of ejaculate in the contents of the bladder, as well as with retrograde ejaculation. Basically, such a state occurs due to the violation of the sphincter.

    If the man is completely healthy, there is no such problems, and the sphincter reliably holds the components of sperm, do not pass them into the bladder. The sphincter dysfunction is observed if a man is diagnosed with "prostatitis" or earlier surgery was carried out due to urethra diseases.

    Also, some medical drugs can also lead to such a state.

  6. Systemic diseases that violate the work of the kidneys are also one of the reasons for the formation of foam in Urin. These include the problems of the endocrine system (in particular, diabetes), pathology of an autoimmune nature. Dysfunction of filtration processes into the body provokes the development of proteinuria and in the future causes urine foam.

Alarm symptoms

The appearance of edema, change in the form and smell of urine, indicates problems with kidneys. In addition, regularly and constantly appearing foam in the urine in men, women and the child may indicate the development of pathological processes.

If at the same time the patient leads a healthy lifestyle, drinks enough liquid, is notifunted, it is notifuning correctly, it is necessary to contact the urologist and conduct a survey.

If urine is strongly foaming, and at the same time the foam holds a very long time - this is a sign of proteinuria in severe form resulting from serious problems with the filtration work of the kidneys. All this leads to the appearance of protein components, and sometimes blood in the urine. This is a very serious symptom of diseases, such as:

  • Glomerulonephritis;
  • amyloidosis;
  • The lack of protein, which, in turn, can lead to more serious consequences.

The presence of a foam cap without visible signs of violations, which can somehow indicate the cause, is also dangerous, since such monosimptomaticity may be observed in a bacterial vaginosis.


Determine the reason why urine is foaming during the emptying of the bladder, it is possible only with a full examination, including:

  • general urine analysis,
  • general blood test with the control of uniform elements and cylinders;
  • Ultrasound in case of suspicion of problems with renal parenchymal;
  • determination of protein content in the urine;
  • biochemical blood test for such indicators such as urea and creatinine;
  • angionenography to determine the state of kidney vessels;
  • study of the speed of glomerular filtration;
  • Sowing Urin and the study of smears from the urethra and vagina for bacteriological and microscopic examination - with suspected infectious diseases.

If suspected that foam in the urine is the result of a fistula, the doctor prescribes an ultrasound, x-ray, cystoscopy to study the condition of the wed bubble walls.

Treatment and prevention

Therapy is prescribed only after identifying the source of foam.

Antibacterial treatment is carried out at:

  • protein detection in urin, as a consequence of kidney infectious diseases, although this indicator can fluctuate in case of protein diet;
  • fungal infection of urinary tract.
  • Additionally, it is recommended to drink a large amount of water so that bacteria are faster from the body.
  • Complex treatment is used when sperm detected in Urin (the so-called retrograde ejaculation), and it depends on what the root cause of problems (diabetes, prostate dysfunction).
  • Antibiotics, diuretic drugs, operational intervention can be appointed with problems with the kidney of a pathological nature strictly according to the results of the survey.
  • The surgical method is prescribed with another reason for foaming - urinary fistulas, which lead to the swelling of the bladder, the appearance of potassium masses in Urin and its unpleasant smell.

What is dangerous foaming urine during pregnancy?

The woman's body in the position is able to change its condition every day. Therefore, it is so important to take all the tests and not neglect additional surveys that the Doctor appoints. During pregnancy, the fluid can be foaming for the following reasons:

  1. an increase in the volume of protein falling into urin;
  2. with accelerated emptying, it is possible to enter the air;
  3. The bladder was crowded;
  4. Dehydration of the body, even insignificant.

Alt and Ast when hepatitis C: What are the indicators?

A woman who is carrying a kid gives urine analysis before each reception, which allows you to identify any deviations and timely resort to treatment.

The development of proteinuria doctors are able to prevent in the shortest possible time, which also contributes to the result of urine analysis and control over the amount of proteins. Particularly attentive worth being a future mom after 20 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, urine is foaming due to the development of gestation.

It is a clear threat as mothers and the most future crumb. Concomitant symptoms are permanent head legs, edema extremities, hypertension.

2 Etiology phenomena

If the foam was seen in the urine of once, then you should not immediately beat the alarm. The most faithful solution in this case is not to panic, follow the state of own health and observe the appearance of subsequent urination. Wrivery the appearance of foam can be too intense urination.

The air hit is one of the most harmless and common reasons why urine is foaming. Urine can also be covered with foam due to the presence on the walls of the toilet bowl and disinfectants. In order to clarify the situation, you need to empty the bladder into any clean container.

If the foam appears regularly, the reasons are more substantial:

  • prostate diseases;
  • the presence of a fistine in the intestines;
  • diseases of the kidneys and other organs of the urogenital system;
  • The presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, in particular those accompanied by hypertension;
  • diabetes.

In some men in Urin, foam is formed if urination occurred immediately after sexual intercourse. This is explained by the presence of a small amount of sperm in the urine.

Foam appears in people who regularly engage in severe physical labor, or professional athletes.

For such people, this state is considered the norm, but does not exempt urine from systematic medical research in laboratory conditions.

Foaming Urina in the absence of pathologies

To accurately determine the cause of the appearance of the foam, laboratory analysis must be carried out.

It turns out in its process whether such an formation is protein bubbles in the urine or these are other chemical components.

At the same time, even when a protein is confirmed, it is impossible to be sure that it appeared as a result of any disease, and was not provoked by natural reasons, which can be attributed to:

  1. Artificial delay Urin. Why is urine foam when urination in the case of long-lasting toilet? The large amount of fluid accumulated in the bubble will give a reinforced pressure when it is removed. Foam is formed under strong pressure, but its characteristic feature is its rapid disappearance. The diagnosis in this case sounds like Polyuria. Usually there is no danger to health, but only if the polyuria does not become constant.
  2. Physical exercise. Sport or grave work for a short time cause a sharp decrease in the number of circulating blood, which leads to the saturation of urine with salt. The result becomes a foam fluid, and this urine is predominantly observed in men.
  3. The interaction of ejaculate and urin. After sexual contact on the inner urethral layer there is some amount of seed. Cum is almost pure protein. If urination occurs immediately after sexual contact, there is mixing from the urinous residues of the ejaculate, which are then derived outward, forming a foam.
  4. Dehydration. The absence of a competently constructed drinking mode leads to the fact that the volumes of the derived fluid decrease, and the concentration of substances in it remains the same. A characteristic feature of urin in this case is the smell of chemicals.
  5. Impact of aggressive detergent components. A variant is possible when the remnants of cleaning agents are not completely eliminated from the surface and when urinating processes occur their mixing with urine.

The reason why urine is foaming on emptying the bubble, there may be a reception of certain pharmaceutical preparations, excessive heat or cold and their impact on the body, stressful states.

Important. The protein in Urin may be present, but not exceeding the level of 150 mg per day. However, in the presence of albumin, it should be worried about the damaged liver, its gloms.

What to do if urine is very foaming

Strongly fencing urine - reason to appeal to consultation to the therapist or nephrologist. A specialist will be able to identify the cause and appoint adequate treatment. You should not get rid of the foam on your own in the urine.

Drinking mode

When the cause of foam in the urine is a lack of fluid, doctors advise to increase its volume. An adult person whose weight is 60-80 kg, it is necessary to drink up to 1.5 liters of clean water daily. This volume should be increased in hot weather, with intensive physical exertion, high body temperatures.

People with the pathologies of the kidneys and the heart mode of use of fluid picks up the doctor. Independent ways to get rid of foam can aggravate the problem.

Mean control

During the treatment of diseases, one of the symptoms of which is a foaming urine, it is necessary to make adjustments to the diet. Dietary nutrition (depending on the severity of the kidney function, table number 7-7g is prescribed) implies a decrease in calorie content of dishes. The amount of salt is minimized. Limit the use of proteins, simple carbohydrates, phosphorus-containing products.

Doctors recommend abandoning:

  • alcohol, strong black tea, coffee, carbonated sweet drinks;
  • marinades, pickles, smoked;
  • confectionery.

Cooking food is followed by a pair, method of baking or boiling. No meat, fish or bone broths should not be consumed.

Foaming urine in pregnant women and children

Pregnancy is not a disease, but a physiological state of a woman. During her, the general analysis of urine is quite informative, as it gives the opportunity to properly judge the functioning of the patient's internal organs and do not miss the symptoms of toxicosis or beginner gestosis.

  1. If the pregnant woman has early toxicosis with frequent vomiting, especially in the morning, this means that the woman quickly loses a lot of fluids, this or that degree of dehydration occurs, and water is foaming for this reason.
  2. Brand: 'Doctors, Varicose is easily taken out in 2 days, if at night ... Read more
  3. With prestal in late terms, the presence of foam and protein in the urine is an alarming symptom, requiring treatment and even possible immediate delivery.
  4. The cause of the change in urine analysis can cause birth and pain that are strongest stress for the body.

In children, such a phenomenon is most often associated with acetional syndrome, in which the release of ketone bodies increases. Other pathological causes are the same as in adults.

In any case, when a similar symptom appears in a child, close attention is required from parents and a pediatric doctor consultation, which will determine whether to treat baby or not.

Do not fall into panic at the sight of foam urine

First, try to fill the water balance to make sure that the cause of the foam urine is not dehydration.

Ask yourself if there is anything else in your life, which can cause a foam urine, for example, with Tress, intensive workout or pregnancy.

Also think about whether you have any medical condition that can cause foaming, for example, diabetes.

If you think that foaming urine is a sign of a disorder of the kidney, consult a doctor. The doctor will hold a physical inspection and explore your blood and urine tests to find out the exact reason. You may also be appointed ultrasound for the survey of the kidneys. When the reason is installed, the doctor will register the necessary treatment.

A source: https://stopzaraza.com/venerologiya/pochemu-penitsya-mocha-fiziologicheskie-i-patologicheskie-Prichiny.html

Foam in urine and illness


If urine gives a foam and at the same time it has a dark brown tint - it means that the body lacks water. The kidneys produce too concentrated urine, the body is dehydrated. At the same time, the concentration of salts is significantly increased in the urine, which give foam when urine.

This problem is solved by an increase in the volume of the fluid from the day. We remind you that per night the average adult should receive 2-3 liters of water in any form.

Excess protein: proteinuria

A stable, unpleasant foam at once, with normal color Urin, most often talks about proteinuria - excess protein in the urine. The albumin protein when contacting air becomes the basis for such a foam.

Where in the urine protein? After all, the kidneys filters only excess water and waste of the body's life. The protein molecules are too large for renal filters, so they do not fall into the urine and remain in the blood. It turns out that in violation of the kidney work, the filters are damaged, the filters are not working as well, as it should be, and the albumin molecules are passed into the urine - this state is called proteinuria. When this condition is the result of various diseases, talking about static proteinuria.

Transient proteinuria

Transient proteinuria

In extreme situations, temporary proteinuria can also develop. Long strong stress, superload physical plan, strong overheating or body supercooling, sharp temperatures for diseases - all these factors lead to a violation of the kidney work. As a result, a protein appears in the urine. But as the state of man stabilizes, this symptom passes on its own.

For example, static proteinuria develops against the background of long-term diabetes, in the late stages of kidney disease, as well as hypertension. Among other causes of proteinuria are some infections of urinary tract and bladder (more often in men, women have almost no symptom), inflammation of prostate, etc.

If not one of these diagnoses is not yet, and the foam urine is already available - it follows, first, remember whether there were no diabetes and kidney diseases in relatives. And secondly, get to the doctor. Proteinuria is a symptom of some kind of problem. And, according to scientists, no matter what reason it developed is a higher risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation

In principle, even a healthy man when urination immediately after ejaculation may have a foaming urine. This is explained by the fact that the sperm and the secret of the prostate are derived along with urine and form foam.

But there is another reason for the formation of foam when urinating, peculiar only by men - is retrograde ejaculation. This is the name of the state when the sperm is not completely excreted from the penis during the seedwork (ejaculation), and returns to the urethra and falls into the bladder.

This is a rather rare pathology and in itself harmless, as sperm does not cause any harm to the bladder. But more often it develops against the background of diabetes, after a transferred operation on urethra, prostatitis, as well as when receiving some drugs.

Among the symptoms, which are also observed during the diagnosis of "retrograde ejaculation":

  • repeated, but unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child diagnosed with infertility;
  • urine clouding after ejaculation;
  • Too small amount of sperm during orgasm or its absence at all (the sperm can both be completely sent to the bladder and partially).

In this case, it is recommended to visit the doctor. If the cause of retrograde ejaculation is the reception of drugs - the doctor can replace them, and the ejaculation will restore. But if the cause of pathology has become diabetes or it developed as a result of the operation on the urethra - it may not be possible to get rid of this problem.

The state of urine, its consistency, the color and the presence of impurities indicate different pathologies that begin to develop in the body in humans. That is why it is at the very first deviations to consult a doctor. At a very often asked question: why water is foaming in women, only an experienced specialist is able to answer correctly after examining the patient and evaluating the results of the tests.

Why does such a phenomenon occur? Stained urine

A small amount of foam in the urine is almost harmless. Sometimes this may indicate a large amount of protein in Urin, the level of which increases from the use of certain products or other insignificant factors. Their exception normalizes the state of the output fluid. But if a foaming urine is a constant factor when urination, it is worth starting to worry. This development of events signals the pathologies:

  • diabetes,
  • Elevated blood pressure,
  • heart disease
  • renal failure
  • lupus,
  • Sarcoidosis and other diseases.

Women Urin can foam and because of problems with the genital organs, their inflammation. You can figure out the exact reason by contacting the clinic and fully examined.

What is dangerous foaming urine during pregnancy?

Pregnant bad

The woman's body in the position is able to change its condition every day. Therefore, it is so important to take all the tests and not neglect additional surveys that the Doctor appoints. During pregnancy, the fluid can be foaming for the following reasons:

  • Increase the volume of protein falling into Urin,
  • with accelerated emptying, it is possible to enter the air,
  • The bladder was crowded,
  • Dehydration of the body, even insignificant.

A woman who is carrying a kid gives urine analysis before each reception, which allows you to identify any deviations and timely resort to treatment. The development of proteinuria doctors are able to prevent in the shortest possible time, which also contributes to the result of urine analysis and control over the amount of proteins. Particularly attentive worth being a future mom after 20 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, urine is foaming due to the development of gestation. It is a clear threat as mothers and the most future crumb. Concomitant symptoms are permanent head legs, edema extremities, hypertension.

What signs should alert?

When the foaming in biohydration becomes constant and regular, regardless of the fact that the woman is powered correctly, leads a healthy lifestyle and its drinking mode in order, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. Most likely, this testifies to proteinuria. She, in turn, can talk about a number of other diseases:

  • amyloidosis,
  • Glomerulonephritis,
  • Lack of protein in other organs, which leads to severe consequences for the whole body.

The foamy urine in a woman without other visible deviations indicates the development of bacterial vaginosis.

What to do to cope with the problem?

Balanced diet

It is not necessary to break your head and think why the urine is foaming in women. It is quite easy to find out the reason by visiting the specialist. Correction of the situation depends on the factor that is causing it. For example, if emptying processes are stable, and Urina is foaming, it is necessary to increase the dose of liquid use per day. If analyzes revealed kidney disease, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment.

When a foam urine becomes a sign of the development of other diseases in the body, it will be necessary to undergo a course of treatment, aimed at getting rid of the detected disease.

Very important is the hygiene toilet. The thing is that falling on bacteria, urine kills them, through which foam is formed. This fact can mislead a woman. In addition, in the improper cleanliness, the weak floor representative is quite easy to picked up in this way infection. And this is extremely undesirable for every girl and women. Therefore, the toilet should be maintained in perfect purity.

Relief from fenosity in Urin will help control over the food used and building a lifestyle. In the diet, it is necessary to be present in an equal share of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In order not to overload the stomach and kidneys, you should eat every two hours in small portions. This will help to normalize and metabolism. Large physical exertion is better excluded. After all, they can provoke proteinuria.

When the foam is manifested in the urine, you should not panic and attribute an incredible number of different diseases. Quite often the body makes it possible to understand what needs something. A woman should be alert if, in addition to foaming formations, urine has changed its color and has become a reddish shade.

First of all, it is necessary to consult a doctor, pass surveys and pass tests. As a result, the doctor will be able to analyze the data obtained, make a diagnosis and assign treatment if necessary. All recommendations must be performed. Otherwise, no treatment will be effective.


If a person is healthy, an act of urination for it is painless, and urine is a characteristic light yellow or straw color, odorless and foam. Foaming urine can be both a physiological characteristic and a pointer to a serious pathology that requires a qualified approach and competent treatment from the urologist.

Causes of foam urination

Such a defect when hiking to the restroom can be observed for two main reasons that are divided into several smaller. Pysics of any liquid substance is such that if it is pouring a thick jet with pressure, it will foam. The same thing happens with urinos - when her surplus is formed in the bladder, it comes out to the thick jet, which, hitting the toilet, creates a foam.

This reason is absolutely normal and is not pathology. To eliminate this visible "disadvantage", it is necessary to reduce the fluid intake for a while. If you are watching this after the watermelon betrayed, it is not necessary to do anything: everything will come to normal by itself.

After sexual intercourse in the urethra, there is sometimes some amount of sperm, which also can provoke the appearance of bubbles.

Check if it is the reason for the described state, just enough - if the sexual act was quite recently, wait at least a day, and if the problem itself disappears, with a high probability it is possible to say that the cause of foam was the remaining sperm.

In the same way as the surplus of the liquid creates problems, they can create its disadvantage. How? Urine is formed in any case, but there is a lack of fluid in the body. In Urin, an elevated concentration of output substances is formed, it causes foam.

In addition to the above, there are physiological factors capable of calling the described state:

  • stress;
  • overeating;
  • Strong physical exertion;
  • Temperature differences.

Even physiological reasons for the appearance of foam in the urine with an act sufficient. It is possible to talk about what caused a similar condition after a detailed study of a recent diet, lifestyle.

Medical reasons for foam urin

In addition to physiological, there are also pathological causes to initiate the process. These are the factors that arose due to the activities of any pathogenic organisms or bacteria. Since human intervention is not here, it means that qualified medical care is required to get rid of them. What pathological reasons can be?

In women, foam is a symptom of various genital infections. This is due to the fact that the infection is formed into the vagina, and the allocation of this organ can fall into the urine, which causes its foaminess.

When a woman is "in the position", the described effect may be for a number of reasons:

  • rapid urination;
  • Liquid deficiency in the body;
  • Increased protein content in Urin;
  • Overflowing bladder.

The third factor could be attributed to medical if neither pregnancy: the fact that the woman is waiting for a child can provoke almost any states and some of them at a certain stage of pregnancy are the norm.

In the same way, we can also say about the presence of a protein in the urine - you need to look at the concomitant factors, for general well-being pregnant and for its analyzes, to conclude whether proteinuria is a physiological or pathological factor.

If we are talking about the male floor, you can highlight the reasons for the formation of foam in Urin:

  • diabetes;
  • brain concussion;
  • chronic elevated blood pressure;
  • Violations of the CNS.

However, already according to the presented pathologies it can be seen how serious the described sign can be.

In children at different times of life there is a process of growing the body, changes in its structure. Therefore, with a high degree of probability, it can be argued that foam is an option of the norm, however, noticing such a symptom, it is necessary to analyze the health of the child during this period, its diet, lifestyle and seek advice from a specialist.

Diagnosis of diseases

You determined that when urination, you have a foam in Urin, you know exactly that there is no physiological reasons for this process. How to be? How to determine what exactly was the impetus for this?

Do not be nervous. Do not forget that stress is a factor that can contribute to the formation of bubbles in the urine.

Contact urologist. Important - tell everything about well-being, even if you think that specifically this is not a relationship to current problems. Do not worry, the doctor filters the fact that it does not represent interest for him, and valuable information can be a prompt to proper therapy.

If you came to the doctor, then you trust him. And this means that it is necessary to clearly comply with all its prescriptions: to take these drugs in these dosages, to undergo certain procedures, to take specific analyzes - this is all aimed at identifying the "pathogen" of the foam and the speedy start of treatment.

Doctors may be wrong (simply because they are also people who are peculiar to the wrong actions). If you started taking some drug, but feel worsening in a state of health, be sure to inform the specialist about this. He will understand in a situation, if necessary, will replace the medicine on its analogue, will change the dosage or cancel the medicine.

Symptoms of disease

The foaminess of urins when urination is an important symptom, but it is secondary for some diseases. For example, with diabetes mellitus, a person will experience severe thirst, suffer from frequent trips to the toilet. With hypertension, a person is experiencing several pathological conditions at once: sweating, headache, etc. They can provoke increased urinations with all the ensuing consequences.

Hence the important conclusion: it is not necessary to treat a foam formation itself, but the condition that caused it.

Urin's foolenity is only a consequence ...

We concluded that the foaminess of urin can be due to both natural causes and pathology in the body. You should not engage in self-medication, you can incorrectly determine the reason for which the condition developed.

Be sure to consult a doctor and observe all the prescriptions of the urologist. Purchase all analyzes, pass the necessary research to determine as quickly as possible, why such a state occurred.

You can not engage in self-medication, you should seek help for your doctor

Remember that in some cases it may be an option for the norm. For sure, you will tell you the doctor on the basis of two things: oral survey and laboratory research results. When the doctor will ask about the state, tell everything in detail, even if you think it is not related to the case.

You can try to be treated with folk remedies. Be careful with this: some of the herbs can act as a diuretic, which will aggravate the foaminess. Other funds have side effects that negatively affect the course of the disease.

Always consult a urologist before starting treatment with your own funds. The doctor will always prompt more accurate therapy on the basis of the dynamics of the state and your well-being at the moment.

Only tight cooperation with a specialist and the exact fulfillment of the Doctor's recommendations will help to quickly get rid of urin's foaminess when urinating.

Surely at least once in life appeared in women urine with foam. The reasons for this symptom can be largely. A similar phenomenon will not always talk about any pathology. Physiologically, such foam occurs during the dehydration of the body, on the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as when eating an excessive amount of protein. But if it is observed in women urine with foam, the reason can also be more dangerous, especially if the symptom repeatedly repeats. In this case, it will be about the development of some serious illness that needs immediate diagnosis and treatment. In the article, we will familiarize yourself in more detail for the reasons for urine with foam in women, therapy features.

When will the norm?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to deal with the case in what cases the symptom will be considered the norm. The reason for the urination in women can be in the development of some pathology. However, if there are no other symptoms of health deterioration, and foam in the urine appears infrequently, then you should not fear. Consider further what causes urine with foam in women who should not be fear.


As you know, urine from the urethra is highlighted under strong pressure. Especially often this is happening if the woman for a long time tolerates the urination to urinate. In such situations, the fluid begins to mix with air, due to which bubbles are formed. Externally, they look like a foam. Do not in this case fear for your own health. However, it should be paid to the fact that prolonged and frequent ignoring the urge to urination will be harmful to your health. If you will constantly do it, then the walls on the bladder will be thinner, because of which the functions of this body can be disturbed. And in other cases, this reason for white foam in the urine in women does not pose any threat.

Analysis of urine


Употребление большого количества жидкости провоцирует интенсивное ее выделение. В данном случае моча выходит из уретры под сильным давлением. Когда она смешивается с воздухом, образуется пена. Кроме того, признаки пены в моче у женщин могут наблюдаться после употребления мочегонных препаратов либо других продуктов, обладающих данным свойством. Если наблюдается подобное редко, то не стоит опасаться за собственное здоровье. Однако следует обратить внимание на то, что постоянная полиурия может спровоцировать нарушение функции вашего мочевого пузыря.


Продолжаем разбираться в причинах, почему моча с пеной у женщин. Причина может крыться в обычном обезвоживании организма. Если представительница прекрасного пола находится в таких условиях, где у нее наблюдается повышенная потеря жидкости, например, в жарком климате, в спортзале, либо женщина употребляет недостаточное количество воды, то в моче может образовываться пена. При этом следует отметить, что концентрация выводимых веществ будет сохраняться, а количество жидкости уменьшаться. Как правило, данное явление является временным, а моча будет иметь запах химикатов. Однако следует обратить внимание на то, что частое обезвоживание является весьма вредным для организма, это может спровоцировать необратимые процессы.

why urine with foam

Химические вещества

Белая пена в моче у женщин может возникнуть по причине моющих и других химических веществ. Например, если с унитаза было плохо смыто моющее средство, то моча смешивается с ним, в результате чего образуется пена. В таких ситуациях, конечно, нет поводов для беспокойства.

Когда симптом опасен?

Почему пена в моче у женщин образуется и когда необходимо обратиться за помощью к специалисту? Прежде чем ответить на этот вопрос, следует обратить внимание на то, что образование пены доктора объясняют наличием в урине большого количества белка. Анализ мочи в норме должен исключать присутствие этого вещества в выделениях. Данная патология указывает на нарушение фильтрации в почках, а недуг называется протеинурией. Кроме болезней почек причина может крыться в заболеваниях других систем и органов. Как правило, при этом появляется мутная моча с пеной у женщин. Далее стоит более подробно ознакомиться с другими недугами, которые сопровождаются подобными симптомами.

Causes of urine with foam

Kidney disease

Прежде всего, сюда следует отнести пиелонефрит, гломерулонефрит, амилоидоз, а также развитие склеротических изменений. Функция данного органа направляется на фильтрацию крови, а также на избавление от всех ненужных веществ посредством мочи. При этом белок не выводится полностью или выводится лишь в малом количестве. Поражение паренхимы почек может спровоцировать нарушение их работы. Параллельно с этим наблюдается потеря белка, которая провоцирует протеинурию.

Эндокринные и аутоиммунные заболевания

Эти недуги в большинстве случаев поражают почки, когда достигают определенной стадии своего развития. Часто моча с пеной у женщин утром появляется в случае запущенного сахарного диабета.

Инфекции в мочеполовой системе

Болезни урогенитальной области, которые спровоцированы микроорганизмами, сопровождаются большим количеством лейкоцитов, слизи и бактерий, что может стать причиной образования пены. Параллельно с этим наблюдаются и другие симптомы: патологические выделения, зуд, жжение, а также болезненность во время полового акта.

Detection of proteins in the urine


When a fistula in the bladder occurs in it, air is started, saturating urine by bubbles. This pathology is quite severe, it needs to be immediately addressed to the doctor. The characteristic symptoms of the fistula in the bladder will be in the appearance of an unpleasant odor, as well as in malicious impurities.

Other reasons

Quite often observed urine with foam in women during climax. As a rule, the reasons are exactly the same as in the usual cases. In addition, the reasons for such a symptom may be as follows:

  1. Long stress.
  2. Serious concussions.
  3. Violation of the function and injury to the structures of the brain.
  4. Problems with heart.
  5. Running diabetes.
  6. Injuries.
  7. Divided metabolism, excessive overeating.
  8. Reception of some medication.

In pregnant women

If we talk about the appearance of foam in the urine in women during pregnancy, then the specialists consider this case separately. This feature can talk about the occurrence of preeclampsia. This condition is characterized by leg swelling, a large amount of protein in Urin, headaches, as well as increase in pressure. Without therapy, this condition is dangerous for both the fetus and for the future mother. Other reasons for foam urine in women during pregnancy are as follows:

  1. Strong fetal pressure and uterus on the bladder. Watering is underway under strong pressure due to the physiological factor. If a woman is a long time to endure the urge to urination, then the Urina will begin to stand out under pressure. It provokes the mixing of urine with air, as a result of which foam is formed.
  2. Polyuria. Great fluid consumption during pregnancy can provoke intensive urine release. Under pressure, Urina is mixed with air, it begins to foam.
  3. Dehydration due to toxicosis. Loss of a significant amount of fluid may affect the discharge.

If a similar symptom appeared once, then a woman may not contact a specialist. If a pregnant woman regularly arises a foam during urination, then it should be binding on this basis to its gynecologist.

pregnant girl


To check the true reason for the appearance of such a symptom, the specialist appoints a general urine analysis. According to its results, the presence or absence of protein in Urin is determined. In addition to urine, the patient also take a common blood test. As a rule, the total amount of creatinine, albumin, is checked, after which the results are compared with the norm. If a man turned for help, he needs to determine the presence of sperm in the urine.

When conducting research, the water balance of the patient must remain normally, so it is recommended to drink a sufficient amount of water. If patients use any drugs, then it is necessary to report on a doctor during consultation. Some drugs can provoke foam in the urine. Also before conducting the examination, it is necessary to abandon physical exertion.

To put a reliable diagnosis, it is necessary to undergo an ultrasound study of the kidneys.

So, to accurately make a diagnosis, urine analysis should be passed, blood test, and also do ultrasound.

Analysis of urine

Features of therapy

Treatment will be selected depending on the main reason for the appearance of such a symptom. The foam elimination agent is prescribed strictly individually for each patient. At the time of treatment, the doctor recommends refuse to exercise.

If kidney disease has been identified, treatment includes the use of antibiotics, as well as other drugs.

In the case of glomerulonephritis, hormonal therapy is assigned to the patient. After such treatment, the patient gets rid of the symptom, as well as the functioning of the kidneys.

If a man has revealed retrograde ejaculation, it is prescribed drugs that are able to get rid of this ailment. Such medicines are prescribed only by a urologist.

In the case of urogenital ailments, antibacterial and antifungal drugs are used as therapy.

If the appearance of foam in the urine is associated with an inflammatory process or stress, the specialist appoints the use of antidepressants or antibiotics.

muddy urine with foam in women

Prevention symptom

So, we sorted out what causes and the features of diagnosis and treatment are concluded. However, everyone knows that the disease is easier to prevent than then he is treated. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to some preventive measures. As a rule, specialists for this advise to use various meat dishes in moderate quantities, as well as establish a balance of fluid in their body.

In parallel with this, you should establish your power mode, avoid strong overeating. To do this, it is best to visit a nutritionist, which adjusts the diet and mode. In the daily menu, such substances such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the appropriate quantity should be present.

Foam in the urine can have a physiological and pathological nature. In the first case, the normalization of drinking mode and lifestyle change is required. In the second case, drug therapy is necessary, which is prescribed on the basis of the cause.

Pathological causes of urine with foam in women

Most often, women pay attention to the nature of urine in the appearance of pain syndrome and discomfort in the lower abdomen or in the lumbar region, which indicates the development of pathological processes in the urinary system.

Watering with foam in women causes

Causes of urine with foam in women may have pathological and physiological nature

Pathological causes of urine with foam in women:

  • Pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis and other diseases that disturb the filtering ability of the kidneys. With these diseases, urine becomes muddy, which is associated with increasing protein levels in its composition, which changes the surface tension of urins and lead to the formation of foam. A woman can also face increased edema, nausea, weakness, urination.
  • Infectious inflammatory pathologies of the urogenital system. Develop in the penetration of infection into urogenital organs. Signs: pain at the bottom of the abdomen, the increase in urges for emptying while reducing the one-time portion of urines, turbidity and stainlessness of urine, an increase in body temperature.
  • Urolithiasis pathology is characterized by the formation of concrections in the organs of the urinary system. It is accompanied by a branch of frothy urin with white flakes, renal colic, disruption of diuresis and intoxication. The separation of urine with blood indicates the promotion of stones that injured the mucous meals.
  • The formation of fistulas in the bladder, which is accompanied by air penetration into the body cavity. It provokes the formation of bubbles in Urin and an unpleasant smell.
  • Amyloidosis is a dangerous disease associated with a violation of protein metabolism and accumulation in the blood and organs of a specific protein - amyloid. In pathology with urin, white foam is disturbed, urination is disturbed, nausea occurs, diarrhea, the swelling develops, plaques are formed on the skin.

When pregnancy, foaming urine is a symptom of toxicosis or gestosis. Together with the change in the nature of urine, a woman is tormented by nausea, vomiting, worsening appetite, dizziness and general weakness. Such a clinic is dangerous for the fetus - a consultation of the gynecologist is required.

When the foam is washed with urinous and the development of additional symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will help determine the cause and prescribe the necessary therapy.

Watering with foam in women causes

Causes of urine with foam in women: dehydration, reception of medicines, use of certain products or excessive loads

Nepatological reasons for urine with foam in women

Foaming Urina can have other causes that are not related to diseases of the organs of the genitourinary system. It:

  • ambient temperature differences;
  • Large jet pressure during the empty of the bladder;
  • overeating;
  • Emotional experiences;
  • excessive physical exertion;
  • Reception of medicines that affect the work of the kidneys;
  • dehydration;
  • Using products with diuretic properties, such as watermelon, cucumbers, green tea.

In the absence of pathological processes in the body, treatment is not required. It suffices to reduce the effect of provoking factors. For example, with dehydration to use enough liquid, with excessive loads - to reduce them.

Urine with foam may indicate the diseases of the urogenital system, which are accompanied by the development of a pronounced clinical picture. In the absence of additional symptoms, foam can be formed by changing the diet, dehydration or stress.

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