Master class with step-by-step photos

Spring crafts do it yourself for kindergarten. Senior group

Master class on needlework. Manufacture of birds from threads and paper.


Matveeva Marina Sergeevna Educator of the first qualifying category. Anodo "Planet Childhood" Lada "Kindergarten" Squirrel "№176.


Master class for children 5-6 years old, educators, parents and simple, creative people.


Making birds.


1. To acquaint with the technique and methods of making birds.

2. Crane interest and desire to make.

3. Develop fine motor skills.

4. Develop an artistic taste, interest in creativity.

Creative abilities are inherent in any person, any normal child - you only need to be able to reveal them and develop. But the essence of the creative process is the same for everyone. The only difference in the specific material of creativity, the scale of achievements and their social significance. To activate creative activity in working with parents, MOTO classes are used. This allows parents to open creative deposits and in their free time to deal with children productive activities. Joint creativity contributes to the rapprochement of parents and children. In the future, this positively affects the development of the creative abilities of preschoolers in classes and in independent activities. On the last week of winter, we decided to make birds as a symbol of spring. Now these birds meet everyone incoming our group.

Step-by-step process of performance:

Work is very light, therefore it is recommended for children 5-6 years. For Sparrow, we will need thread gray beige and brown.

Works start with cardboard, cut out a rectangle 7 for 10 centimeters.

We wear threads of 40 turns, two beams around the short side of the rectangle, dark brown and gray. One bundle bandage in the middle. It will be the wings of our Sparrow.

And we wake one bunch around the long side of the cardboard light brown.

We cut all three beam in half.

Long bundle brown brown, envelope around a gray short beam and tie a thread.

Then we fold a gray beam and also tie.

And we form the head of the Sparrow, connecting them together.

Now we insert our wings and a cotton ball, forming the body torso.

And tighten the tail.

We glue a boiled cardboard.

And the eyes of beads.

And tie a loop, on which our sparrow will hang on the branch.

What screaming the sparrows

On the last day of winter?

- We survived!

- We lived!

- We are alive,

We are alive!

For the manufacture of cinkers, we will need two cardboard templates in the shape of a cinema, thread gray and yellow.

We wind threads on the template, folding together both details.

We cut our pompon and drag it, inserting a thread between the details of the template, leaving the loop.

Our birds are ready.

To our window knocks the bird -

Yellow-breeding pan.

It looks through glass,

Says: "You have warm ...

And I'm cold. It's a shame:

Surrons are not visible anywhere.

I ask you: you are a little

Me pour bread crumbs,

And yet a little sala

I would not interfere in Stuzh ...

I will be friends with you -

Promise only to feed.

If you do not feel sorry for crumbs -

Soaking my girlfriends.

Together become flying,

On the window twitter. "

Give children positive emotions, pleasant memories and fun childhood.

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Margarita Fedorovna Konstantinova Master class on making crafts from threads "Bin, Bird-Nurse"

I want to offer to your attention Master Class : " Pinty bird is small ". On the eve of the New Year, we are greatly enraged with our groups in kindergarten. In the previous publication : "Caps", I showed how we were decorated with caps made by your own hands, our group. In the photo, many saw bullfires made from Thread and asked to post Master Class . As the bullfight was already laid out on Maam, I decided to show how I did cinema . Bullfinch is made similarly, only you need to take a thread of another color. I used to work :

Book for winding Thread ;


Thread gray, yellow, black;

English pins or halves of peas;

Seeds for beak.

Master class on making crafts from threads "Bin, Bird-Nurse"

We take a book and wind threads, approximately 50-60 turns.

Cut on one side.

So we wrap and cut the thread of three colors.

Yellow threads bandage in the middle, we put black on gray and tie.

Take a sintepon and make a torso birds , on the ball from the synthet board we put threads and tie, we make breast birds .

Next, we apply black and gray threads associated together and tie.

Cut extra threads.

We make eyes with English pins or stick to halves of peas. We glue a nose seed. Once it turned out birds .

And so we decorated the group.

I will be glad if my one would come in handy Master Class . Birds You can decorate the group, and you can decorate the site. Thanks for attention!

The bird from the threads is a good interior handicraft. How to do it, what is needed for this? Is it possible to use it to create a whole composition? We answer immediately - yes. So let's start.

Snegiri from the threads do it yourself

How to make a bird from the threads do it yourself - the preparatory stage

The article will describe in detail how to make a bird from woolen threads. Beautiful birds will decorate the interior of the children's room or will be a good gift for friends and loved ones. The process is simple, but interesting.

You need to buy a small set of materials , the main of which is yarn for knitting, take a few girlfriend (scissors, cardboard, glue) and the bird will appear in your hands. You can also offer a child to make such a crawler, it will not be boring for sure.

What yarn is better to choose?


Choose a simple inexpensive yarn, suit Moulin, woolen, cotton or acrylic yarn. The main thing is to determine the color. Do you want a bright toy or in calm colors? If you knit, then you probably have threads, yarn. Boldly use your stocks. Combine colors, add an interesting decor.

Tools and materials you need

Tools and materials for crafts

  • Colored threads of three species;
  • Wire to secure the spout on the yarn;
  • cardboard paper;
  • glue, scissors, pliers;
  • any nuts for decor and adhesive for fixation;
  • Various beads, pynes, rhinestones for decoration.

Birds from threads with their own hands - Step-by-step instructions

Option number 1

one. Wrap a cardboard piece of 3 types of yarn.

Option 1. 1 step

2. Couple black and red threads.

3. All black peroxide on one side and tie.

4. Put gray under the red threads.

five. Connect the remaining red threads through the bottom with the tail and impose thread.

6. Gray threads yarn throw over the top to the tail and connect.

7. Make a noodle and put on the wire. Use glue for fixing. Insert into the bird.

The process of making birds

Optionally, you can add eyes and somehow it is interesting to decorate.

Bird is ready!

Another version of crafts. Option number 2. Varobushos

Soft toy can be made with a child. The process is cheerful, simple, and in the end it turns out a nice bird.

To work, we will need:

  • yarn. Any quality is important. For this, the sparrow we will need 3 colors: brown, gray and light gray. To make a Pierce Sparrow - use red, yellow, blue, green;
  • Adhesive tissue tape;
  • wire;
  • glue or adhesive gun for convenience;
  • small Klochok newspapers;

Add decor elements: beads, rhinestones, feathers, beads. Then your bird will become bright and unusual.

  • 2 cardboard Piece 9x12;
  • scissors;
  • pliers.

Step-by-step process:

one. Mix 3 types of yarn on cardboard paper. Back Sparobushka will be brown, chest and wings - dark gray and brown.

sparrow. Stage 1

2. Cut yarn. Brown threads climb.

sparrow. 2 step

3. Further we put threads for breasts and backs.

sparrow. 3 Step

four. We throw brown threads on one side and associate.

sparrow. 4 Step

five. Just as in the previous point, make light brown threads.

sparrow. 5 step

6. Put a piece of newspaper inside the yarn.

sparrow. 6 step

7. Put the knitted breast and the back of the sparrobe on top.

sparrow. 7 step

8. Tie and cut the excess.

sparrow. 8 step

9. Following the wings and tear them with a thread to the tail.

sparrow. 9 Step

ten. We take the wire and pliers and make legs. Lops are wrapped with adhesive tape.

Leg Sparrow

eleven. Make holes in the yarn and put the legs there. Add eyes and spout (can be made of nuts).

Sparrow ready!


You got a cute sparrow. It can be donated, wearing as a guard, keychain or decorate the children's room.

Option number 3. Bullfinch

We will need:

  • cardboard paper;
  • sheet of paper A4;
  • glue;
  • paints with a tassel;
  • compass;
  • yarn 3 colors. Take the thread of red, white and gray;
  • scissors;
  • Pencil, feltster.

Step-by-step bird creation process:

1. We take a sheet of paper and draw 2 circles: big and small. They draw a tail and beak to them.

2. We crush the template on the cardboard and cut 2 parts such. Inside these parts need to cut small circles. Through the bottom we will be ridden.

3. We fold the details, draw the eyes of the future bird.

four. Watch yarn. First red, then add gray and white color.

five. Cut the yarn. Insert thread in the middle. This is a loop for which we suspend the bird.


How interesting to beat the picture in the interior?

Birds from yarn beautifully complement any interior. You can even create a whole composition. Birds on a tree, on a branch, in a birdhouse.

It is elementary to take a frame, to spend several threads (alarms), and put your birds on them. Take bright threads, then the picture will be noticeable.


You can make a small birdhouse and add birds to them. Such a composition in the interior will not remain unnoticed.


Use benchmark templates for your picture. Below, on the frame, make a small ledge from the cardboard and place our little birds there.


You can decorate the wall in the children's real birdhouse made of cardboard. Add a small ledge from the branch at the bottom and put your beautiful bird on it. Post some such bunches are chaotically. So, you can easily dilute the interior of the room with bright elements.


Make a whole living composition at your desk or windowsill. Place the toys on the branch, which can be found during the walk.


Either buy a small cage in a needlework store, artificial flowers and create a beautiful, gentle composition.

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Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 1

The other day, under the guidance of our indispensable assistant Natalia Shishkin, we Deli With the guys aromatic birds. Share with you master class from Natalia!

The remaining birds are chirped outside the window, predicted fast cold and approaching holidays. To feel the spirit of the new year, stock pair of potatoes of thick threads, cinnamon sticks, tangerine zest (to whom to taste) and proceed to creating feathered fluffy from yarn.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for the interior, photo № 2

Step 1. Select threads of the corresponding bird color. In this case, the tit. Cardboard for wreating threads, syntheps for calf, dried tires of mandarin and aromaaslo "Sweet Orange". Since we studied the wintering birds, then the choice fell on this fragrance so that the mood of the new year is in the air. You can choose the fragrance that you like.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 3

Step 2. On the Sinyppon lay out the zest, squeeze the oil and turn the roll, fixed with white threads.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 4

Step 3. Wash the thread. Yellow and blue - on the abdomen and calze most. White slightly (even threads). Black - for wings. Cut on one side.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 5

Step 4. White threads have on blue threads.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 6

Step 5. Black threads bandage in the middle and trying to tales.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 7

Step 6. We assign threads crosswise with respect to each other.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for the interior, photo № 8

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for the interior, photo № 9

Step 7. In the middle and fix one of the threads.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 10

Step 8. We distribute white threads symmetrically (for this you need an even number of threads).

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for the interior, photo № 11

Step 9. Enhance the fastened yellow threads so that the head of the bird and fasten the free thread.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for the interior, photo № 12

Step 10. We assign the resulting billet on top of the black wings and the calf.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 13

Step 11. Exactly distributing the yellow threads of the abdomen and blue backs of the back so that there is no white taurus. Then we fasten the free thread.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for the interior, photo № 14

Step 12. Fix the black threads so that there is no white taurus. Finally fix the tail. Cut off the excess threads.

Mastery with children of fragrant birds from yarn for interior, photo № 15

Step 13. We glue the seed-beak and beads eyes. Enjoy the fluffy feathered and flavor of the new year.

New Years is soon. And these birds can be used as a christmas toy. You can bind a string and hang a bird on the Christmas tree! :)

Birds from thread

Decorative birds are made of yarn. The size depends on the length and thickness of the billets from the thread. They can be used both separate product and in compositions for design. The idea is taken from the Internet.

Materials and tools

Threads of three colors

Prepare the necessary materials.

1 way:

Cut off the tight cardboard sheet of approximately 9 by 12 cm.

First we wind the blue yarn on the cardboard on the long side, we make motors 40 - 45. We cut the thread on the one hand.

I turn over the cardboard and over the short side we wind the threads of red and gray colors, motors 30-35. Also cut them.

Gray threads tying in the middle thread of the same color.

On threads of blue, we apply a cross thread of red.

We fold blue yarn and tie a thread of blue.

We assign back the red yarn and also tie a thread.

Making wings.

Next, put a piece of foam, to create a form.

We form the body of the bird.

I fix all the threads and if necessary cut.

We glue the beak and eyes.

2 way:

We wind and cut all the threads of the same length.

Blue and yellow yarn fix with rubber bands.

We throw blue.

Put a piece of foam.

Fix all with a rubber band, and put the yarn for the wings.

All fasten the rubber band.

Rubber hide, tapping yarn.

We glue the eyes and keyboy.

Birds are ready.

01/20/2018 7007.

Master class for the manufacture of charming birds. We look !!!

Such material will be needed.

Pattern size 9cm at 12cm. We wind yarn for the back on the long side, for breast and wings in short. I mixed gray with brown for the wings. Cut. Main grabbing only in the wings. Fold back and breast

Tie a thread in color. Tie breast. Comka a piece of paper.

Hug her wings. Above the neck with a back. If you need to correct the threads, I do not have frequent.

Tie and hanging threads. Tie wings.

Make a paw from wire. Wrap. If there is no teep-tape, then you can be threads.

We make a sharp hole of the hole and glue legs. But the spout of the seed and the eyes of the beads.

Bending your fingers can be put on the branch.

The bullfight did the same.

But the cinema:

In addition to the back, wings and breasts, we need to still small white lumps for the head. I just wrapped two fingers and cut.

Impose on breast and fix. We put on the back. We raise white threads along with blue and tie.

White threads cut off shorter. Well, then everything is like a sparrow in the previous MK.

And you will get such a bird.

Try to make a beautiful bird from the threads. The cauldron turns out to be interesting, the manufacturing process is fascinating. You can connect even children of younger school age.

Prepare such materials:

- Threads of different shades;

- scissors;

- black beads;

- wire;

- PVA glue;

- paper.

Bird of threads

The color of the thread depends on what bird you want to do. Therefore, before making, carefully consider the natural image of the object and select the appropriate shades of the yarn. The thread thread, the volume will turn out to be a bird. For example, for a chapter you need to use gray, brown, red and black yarn. Connect the brown and red thread and make 35 turns around a wide part of the palm.

Bird of threads

To do this, you can use cardboard rectangles you need. Cut the thread on one side. It turns out a long billet.

Bird of threads

Make the same gray.

Bird of threads

And black.

Bird of threads

Put gray threads on brown. It turns out the plus sign.

Bird of threads

Collect all brown threads in a beam (gray inside) and tie a thread.

Bird of threads

Collect the gray threads in a bundle so that it is located at right angles to the first.

Bird of threads

Black threads immediately associate in the middle.

Bird of threads

Put between gray and brown blanks.

Bird of threads

From the paper sheet (page of the magazine), form a tight ball.

Bird of threads

And put it inside the Black Mota. Collect all the ends of the threads so as to hide the paper com, and lock the black thread.

Bird of threads

On the sides on PVA glue, glue black beads - these are eyes.

Bird of threads

From the wire twist two paws and keyboards.

Bird of threads

It turns out such an interesting champion.

Bird of threads

You can make different feathered from colored yarn. So your baby will gradually learn the names of all birds and will be able to recognize them in a natural environment.

When you gather many fauna representatives, you can make a collage or composition on the topic: "Such different birds".

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