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... And all the first thing I would ask me, what the hell am I hold the harem. First, it is not a harem, but an operational headquarters. And almost naked they walk because the summer, and in general, who wants, the one in that and goes.

- Oleg Divov, "Brothers in Mind"

Harem (Moon. ハーレム ) - One of the genres of Fersvisnaya Anime. Means exactly what you thought. Sometimes the word "harem" is written in the form Gorem , Gorm. , Goyram etc.

[edit] Origins of the genre

It should be noted that the very first harem in anime appeared not as a hentaching game overclocking, but as an independent work. Harem as a concept with accompanying stamps invented Rumiko Takahasi in 1978, in epic Urusei Yatsura. And in 1981 anime was washed down by replacing. But the starting triangle Atar + S. Sinobu + Lam flashed without surviving and up to the middle of the plot. Further history was devoted to Oyasha's campaigns. However, it is possible to attribute this anime to harem with a large stretch and not all animeshniki agree with such an assessment, so the TOLLL itself uses the definition of the "protoker", because many ideas and techniques from there are still useful in the harem works. Later, the idea went to the masses, and in the meantime and the hentai games industry pulled up. The result is known. Rumiko, by the way, on his houses (also about the romantic relationship of adolescents) was a state that several times entered into the top 10 taxpayers (read individuals with the highest income) of Japan.

Also, few people know, but one of the first same reverse haremov was not at all sidsee-manga with bisennes, but epic sienes TENSHI NA KONAMAIKI. about the former reverse ladder bisexual megumi amatsuka and Cutie Honey. Khani Kusaragy living in the world in the world in the world, respectively. However, this was quite polished in anime adaptations, thanks to which the first received a pretty banal hetero romance to be strongly implied bisexual MZhB in the manga, and the second remained enjoying the status of the first lawy-bait with a bunch of versions of varying degrees of Yuriy.

In addition, it is worth noting that there is nothing unique in the concept of haremal anime. Very many youth comedies made in these US are being built on the same principle - "a bunch of women, one foreman." As an example, you can mention, for example, a film Dr. Alien. (Alternative name is quite delivering - I WAS A Teenage Sex Mutant ; in different Russian translations - either "Sex Visit" either "Doctor with another planet" ), filmed back in 1989. Of course, the quality of such film maker is rarely above the level of bad harem anime.

[edit] True essence of hentai games

Usually in Maiden Garem was a hentai playing. Japanese racial hentai games are usually built according to the following scheme: the protagonist communicates with the N-number number of girls whose ratio depends on its actions in the game. By the end of the game, the main character usually comes to sex with one of them, which is actually the goal of the game. Such a "pass" of the game is called the storyline or ending. Often plot lines are called the name of the main girl in this story. For example: "Sakura's ending." By changing your tactics with each "pass" of the game, the player gets the opportunity to pouch on hentai pictures with each of the girls in the game.

Such games were degenerated into their subsoine - Datesima. However, for many hentai games, even formally not acts are characterized by setting "Many girls are one hero."

By the way, the hero itself must be associated with a player with him. Therefore, the identity of the hero is worked out badly. Also this is the reason for such a feature of Hentai Art, like a hidden face of a guy. The extreme form of this is a separate dick, when only the corresponding part of the body remains in the picture from the main character. Partly, from here, ears and Tentacl-Prone are growing.

[edit] Censored version


With the corresponding popularity of the original hentai game, there is also a censored version (All Ages). All hentai scenes are usually thrown out of it, and a pair of plot strokes is added. Thus, the danger of the record logic of the hentai game is deprived of a hentai actually, which clearly does not go to her.

[edit] Anime version

If the game is still popular, it comes out and anime based on this game. For difficult reasons, this anime is also censored - that is, it is that the hentai scenes will definitely dealt. In addition, script one The storyline is usually missing on the script Total Anime, and the fans of other plot lines can show their discontent.

For these reasons, setting and entouge remains from the original game. That is something like "The middle school is such, in the city of such something: dozen girls fall from the sky from the sky, each of which seeks to win his heart." . After a short presentation of the characters, the protagonist almost all on-screen time is taking place from one girl to another, "passing" parts of the scenarios of the corresponding storyline of the original game, but every time it does not bring the case to a victorious end. Only in the last Arch Anime, we will show some similarity to the ending of the original game for one of the girls. Of course, without a single hentai scene. Often on the site of the hentai scenes in anime, the guy is simply rejecting any bed sentences in Gentelmennski, even if he is a lustful schoolboy in the plot at the sftercoa. However, sometimes such a "mind moral" is explained by love for one of the changing and turning its branch to the main one.

Since the most interesting thing was cut out at the preliminary stage, and the viewers need to have fun at least something, the anime version is full of fanvissis and, often, elements of the comedy of the positions are slightly more than the whole. Actually, for the sake of this harem anime and look.

[edit] The main character

Oyash surrounded by angels

Due to the characteristics of the screening, the nature of the main character undergoes significant changes. It does not go more or less smoothly to his goal, but rushes from side to side. The harem often sits in Frendzone - Oyash either diligently does not notice the signs of attention on the part of the ladies, or does not give them a clear answer. However, if Oyash has one, the only one, he most likely pleases. Following this simple recipe, stretch the shieldation at least to infinity. From the poles of the genre, you can also often meet the next trail, when the main heroine of Harem has already initially in love with Oyash-A and ready to give him in any poses immediately, but it does it so aggressively and intrusive that the main character as an ardent Cundara goes Deep defense and breaks any attempts to make a girl to create a cell of society and continues to do this even if he already experiences tender feelings for heroin, giving the author to the author to infinitely create a pile of Echchi and Klight for Tom, even if the official couple is already known at the very beginning of the work.

Thoughts, mostly, deployed in the head, and not between the legs. However, there are individuals, in which MPC performs the function of the head, which, as usual, does not bring to good. How not to mention Ito Makoto, the chief of the epic series School Days. who climbed into the panties to all his familiar girls having his own. And then another girl. However, if you consider it the king of the smpower, you just have not yet seen Atar Moroboshi. Another option for a harem oyash is the so-called "pragmatic protagonist", the most famous for the games like Grisaia No Kajitsu. Where the hero is so cool, Zinicic and has ever been that he just fuck on the next luxury fool, who wants to pour him to his bed. In this case, the GG is usually older and much more experienced standard Oyasha (for example, in still life the main character is a 19-year-old professional killer disguised as a high school student) and instead of folding the snot goes to another extreme, solving all problems with the help of a tricky plan and violence.

Due to the fact that the harem shows primarily because of the heroine, and most of the Olyasha have the same appearance and character with small changes, in most titles the main character fully performs a purely observational function, the further series approaches the main events. In particularly launched cases like Mashiro-Iro Symphony , Ookamikakushi. (the most striking example) or H2O: Footprints in the Sand , hero and can turn into an analogue of McGaffen, for the possession of which in the foreground will fight the heroine or at all they will take care of it, solving their personal problems while Oyash will not be afraid to get out at the decisive moment and make it all to ponslast.

[edit] The best friend of the main character

The reference is the best friend-Dolboeb, which moved to visual novels from romantic comedies, and from there to a harem anime. The main difference between the "Best Friend" from the GG itself, this behavior of "how in romance is not necessary", which consists in constant behavior as a schoolboy during puberty (which is obvious and is), with permanent attempts to drive up to the next Tian. If the main character can still be lubricated or just a pleasant young man, then his best friend is often the maximum possible shkolota, which can be drawn and put in Japanese senior classes. Nevertheless, a prominent part of the titles is inclined to turn it into bisennen and the connoisseurs of girls, similar to the best girlfriends from the reverse harem. In this case, the subject with a high probability will get a languid personality and his branch with some unwrapped. And it will be in love with GG Bisexual and part of his harem ( Koi to uso. ).

The best "friend" can be at one of the heroines. In this case, it will be or not trusted by the GG and its troops of the troop, or popularized by trthropy type of crazy lesbian, whose goal is to climb into the panties to the heroine. And so - as the budget of the authors is not rubber, and the creators sometimes simply tritely lazy, in most cases a friend of the heroine not only combines both of these types, but even at the end herself falls in love with the main character and opens the road to his root and a possible trigeon With the original girl. So, as in Japan itself, the main consumers of the laws are still heterosexual girls, then as a regular result, such "lobby-lesbians" are found primarily in the harem written by women for guys.

Otaku loves the ladders, so it's not surprising that every year more and more hamsters are obtained by traps as an unofficial part of the Harem GG, and just as one of his friends. What is characteristic, in the Japanese concepts of the lads are considered to be "heroines", and not the guys-koreas GG, due to which all scenes with them are exactly the Ship Tease, and not banal gay jersers, which can be seen on the same bay Steins; Gate. And Saided Isken Oregairu. who receive even more compliments from their GGs and the signs of physical attraction than to their canonical girls together. In particular, if if the ladder itself becomes the main character of visual novel or harem, then such a Taitle will be considered a special kind of yuri, and not an ordinary heterosexual haremnik. However, it rarely comes to frank homosyatin, although there is a noticeable amount of both ordinary harem and inverse, where the ladders are presented in the form of a full gay option.

Try to face it

Heroine in Harem many . Actually, this genre implies. As a rule, the character and type of different girls in the harem is different, but, nevertheless, template.

That's ready complete set of standard harem. Usually all modest, little interest and not sufficiently mature characters are rolled immediately, and all the confrontation concentrates on several favorites. However, it does not interfere with outsiders get at least a "his" series.

Sometimes there is a harem anime not by a hentai playing. Most likely in this case, the first source is manga. Manga usually follows all scene canons of harem anime - in particular, is a very fanvisnaya, but not hentai. Apparently, in this case, the transition from very linear hentai plots to intricate - and eternal! - Laces of the harem genre occurs right in the author's head. Examples: "Love Hina" , "Neregima" . What is characteristic of these two pillars, the Harem Manga is the same author. Immediately registered the biggest harem: To Aru Majutsu No Index , where the chief of Kamijou Tom grabbed a harem in more than 10,000 females. A peculiar harem rings are also common with a marked more adult content, which is usually expressed in a more frank fanvice and attempts to talk to more serious topics with Chernuha and deconstruction of the types. Although a little more than half of course is simply several times more than the usual than a harem comedy like Shimoseka, where Oyash saves the world in stockings and women's panties on her face from local Mizulina.

Not all anime on hentai games is harem. At least because not all hentai games fit into the format of harem anime. Characteristic example: "Tsukichim" In addition, many initially harem visual novels for more adequate plot features are shielded in the form of romantic drams on love passions, it applies to all sorts of white albums and restless hearts that have been a completely frank hemes with a cross-cutting plot. In this case, most of the extra heroines stupidly go under the knife or turn into secondary characters with 2-3 minutes of screening time as a medosistra in the hearts.

[edit] Reverse Harem.


Köhei Takano, Taknaga Oda, Yukinzo Toyama and Rammar Mori are going to take a huge mansion for living, whose rent is too high for them. But the hostess is ready to make a huge discount or to rent a house at all, provided that they will make it from her niece, Sunako, a real "Lady"

- Zamhrohshka, who has to engage in the crowd of "unearthly" handsome, this is still a banal

Girls also dream of becoming the center of adoration of the heaps of beautiful boys, so it is not surprising that at first the so-called "Othese visual novels" appeared for girls, and then thanks to their adaptation, and the genre of the "reverse harem", Kuna and Tian changed positions. If an ordinary harem narrate how Oyash meets a bunch of women and begins to drive up to the most liked, then the reverse harem taking into account gender roles talks about how an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl gets acquainted with a bunch of men and given for persistent courting of the one who most liked it. Accordingly, instead of Oyash-her from Siens and Seinenes, a stereotypical gg schoolgirl from the village with all its shower, unrealistic naivety and a mandatory disadvantage of poverty, maliciousness or other cockroaches, which must put it in passive position to the rest Harem. No, the protagonists with eggs, of course, are available, but so far it has never goes on Ololo Gluma over the genre in such Taitlah as Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama .

Thus, if the protagonist and his relationship with the girls, A la "collided, began, began to talk, took part in the event,", in reverse harem, the loving interests of the heroine who intervene in ordinary life Girls to save her from attack, or just seduce. It goes without saying that it affects the standard work of the character types. For example, the usual Tsundender turns here in the Bastard Boyfriend sadist, naturally humiliating GG and in the uncomplicated form of an extensive, and the ladder in the characteristic reverse launch of the prince (stereotypical image of the actress of playing men's roles in the women's Music Theater Takaradzuk, wildly popular Japanese), depicting the already kind of ideal, feminine-lubricant prince in the presentation of girls, and not a pretty "girl" from ordinary harem.

Another important difference lies in how the Sydze Manga as a whole, the reverse harem are more oriented with certain fetish, melodraumaticity and elementary girls fantasies, and not on certain types of heroines or sexy fetishes as in the "male" original of the genre. No, reverse harems about Idolov, Cunder boys, etc., also exist, but they are pretty lost against the background of a variety of melodramas about abusive seats, non-statutory relations between relatives and other centers of Gergic romance. The only exception is in all the perfect love interest of Marty Sue, in almost every reverse harem because of the endless love of Japanese to the image of the "ideal guy."

[edit] Glossary and local memes

  • Haparem end - Initially, a special root in visual novels, which opened after the passage of all others and allowed the player to arrange group sex with all Tian at the same time. With the advent of Haparemnikov, the "harem root" began to designate similar in meaning the story ending, when the protagonist managed to retrain his plot callery in the harem, and to stir immediately with all the girls. For obvious reasons, this happens only in some hentai or a fantasic echchic, but any animeter in the soul dreams that his beloved harem end with something like that. It is indirectly because of this, someone from the losers of Tian will definitely declare GG about the agreement on polygamy or one-sided love to the coffin, which is done at least for the illusion that Nobody will be touched from the harem (Yuri does not count, for "with girls is not It is considered ") and the main character at least formally get a similar ending.
  • Harem without oyasha - the contemptory name of the girlskoslays (serials about the daily life of schoolgirls) Because of the breaking belief that such titles are written and removed for quite a disappearance of Otaka, which still love the harem, but cannot watch them because of the feeling of inferiority, hatred, and then and envy to gg. This opinion is only strengthened by the fact that due to the crowds of the heroines, such a show really look like a harem with an invisible protagonist, and the Sabzh himself at 10 more than an ordinary harem is aimed at preserving the illusion of "intellocation" of girls and the fencing of them from any member's carrier in 10 kilometers radius. Nevertheless, lovers of such serials answer that such series are not looking because of "haremium", and because of the desire to relax, watching the pretty peripetia of the girl's life. The "Spectator as a Harem owner" function, here only a pleasant bonus.
  • Harem support - when the author does not want to turn his tartal in the harem, but this requires a genre (for example, most Ranobe "must" contain a harem one way or another), it creates a harem support - this is when the harem garbage acts as the main storyline, but In the form of a crowd of loved or not very in the GG chan, joyfully looming on his background, while the official main character is not near. In fact, this is any Ranoban without an official tag harem, for the publishers are obliged. This also "suffers" a lot of initially just romantic manga like Nisekoi, who turn haremium as the title develops and attempts to stretch it longer.
  • The first girl wins - The oldest harem stamp, which emerged due to the fact that the visual novels existed a tradition that from all the girls GG met the very first to "main heroine" of the game. Given that many adaptations regularly adapted the ruths of such girls, then such a stamp firmly fixed in the harem. Because of its evidence, Sabz often becomes a reason for a separate intrigue in Taitlah like Nisekoi. с "I have few friends" And to find out what to consider the "first girl": the first shown in anime, or the first hero dated hero at all? Sabzh also has an exposed "girl from the first cover, always wins" and "the last girl wins", which appeared due to the tradition to place the main character on the cover of the first volume of Manga \ Ranoban and inversion in visual novels, respectively.
  • Pseudo yuri и Pseudo yaa - A variety of harem from lesbian and ahtung, where the main characters are the ladder and reverse-lad, respectively. The main difference from ordinary harem, it is intentionally maximum copying genre stamps of Joci with Yaoi and strong emphasis on pseudo-homosexual experiences of the participants of the Harem, which allows the fantasy of the "participation" of the Otaka in the LGBT relationship as an all heterosexual protagonist. Although the motifs of heterosexual romance with dressing and pseudo-LGBT atmosphere were in culture and earlier, the Sabzh himself was formed as a separate genre in the first half of zero together with the yield of Visual Novels Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru and its anime adaptation in 2006, which only fixed due to the adaptation of the epic reverse harem OUR KOUKOU HOST CLUB In the same year. From this point on, as the valve, the anime-lads were finally able to get their heterosexual subway in the form of a whole wave of harem levels "Androgin protagonist is forced to pretend to be the opposite sex to go to school for girls \ boys."
  • Themed harem. - harem, all the characters of which represent the varieties of one type, for example, Kanon. (All girls childhood girlfriend), Sister Princess. и Immediate Paradise (All girls younger sisters). However, it happens more unmandant game Eromanga-sensei. , Most girls whom are loli with various types of small sisters and Writers Ranoboe.

[edit] Subject representatives


  • Amagami SS. - The novellae was a suitable datsym from Enterbrain, so anime on it is divided into mutually exclusive roots and are more concentrated on the development of romantic relationships, and not a classic "among women one foreman." Nevertheless, the subject is quite popular among the tremper because of cute heroines, the drug fans and the reluctance of the authors turn some root into canonical. Due to the general studio has a bunch Imprints related titles like echchic Photokano. , Sad Sixel Seiren. And the very first Kimikiss Pure Rouge. Manager to be more plot and more harem than previous ones.
  • Kanon, Air, Clannad - The classic "trilogy" of visual novels and the same haremniks from Kyoto Animation, the eponymous example of how to do haremniks with soul ™, lamp heroes and lack of vulgarity. No, absence completely any Vulgarity. Come on to symbolize "seasons" in human life: winter with the theme of the death of death-resurrection in Kanon. , summer with the short-lived theme of happiness in Air. and spring with the theme of youth, family and nostalgia in Clannad . All three are distinguished by so the number of excavating melodramas, atmosphericness, symbolism and those popular with the Anona Nyash that Irl for the recording of their haremniks can not even grab so much, despite the fact that of all three anime adaptations, you can doubt the haremity of only one AIR-A. .
  • EF: A TALE OF MEMORIES And its continuation EF: A TALE OF MELODIES , glorifying Akiyuki SHOBO in particular and the shaft in general as the creators of arthow anime not for everyone. Although the original VN EF - A FAIRY TALE OF THE TWO was quite high-quality and melodraumatic work, the director of the symbol brings it to such surrealism and complication of what was happening in the frame that the observation of Sabzhem was not overloaded so overloaded the Anonymus brain and led to the inability to relax in contemplation even The simplest scenes. And this is two and 4 years before the release of such hits of the shaft as Gatari and Madoka, respectively. According to the little things, Seit Tistle is also known for the fact that the studio did not smell any of the hentai scenes, simply leaving the scene "before sex" and "after sex", they say, well, you realized that there was a boy with a girl.
  • Sister Princess. - Whether a harem of 13 junior sisters, whether the family slicer based on Ranobet from Writer Kimino Sakurako (now more famous for a franchise Love Live. и Yuryatina Strawberry Panic ) and Daytsimov from the studio 0verflow created School days And known that all its novels are part of the total incestoous setting, where everyone is some kind of relative. In particular, the GG of South Harerene is accounted for Makoto with a single brother, as well as, his nursing harem. Nevertheless, the sisters themselves are quite vanilla and deprived of something wrong with Tytyl. Well, if you forget that most sisters are unambiguously in love with the main character, aka of their brother, and in one series, even the whole crowd playing the "wedding" with him. However, all this is most like a censorship in the original Daitsima - it's worth choosing one of the sisters, so it is she "in a happy randomness" will be a reception, and the ruths of any of the lolia are always strictly placed on, which makes this title rare occasion when the harem increases fanvis novels , and not vice versa. Also in stock informal non-long-lived remake called Baby Princess. , which is even more important than the remint before the absurdity (now you have 30 sisters of different ages, where only one tsunde is as much as 4 pieces), known that the development of the plot there was chosen by the voting of readers.
  • Ouran Koukou Host Club - if not the first, then at least the most famous reverse harem, which with a guarantee of 70-80% will lead as an example of the reverse harem, which is made correctly. "
  • YOSUGA NO SORA. - It would be a completely ordinary echricon haremnik based on no less clishaned novel, if not two things - almost complete preservation of original hentai scenes, different from hentai, only the lack of a direct image of the penetration of the member itself into the vagina, and the most real incest between the GG and his younger sister twin , though not considered the only possible canon, so as anime is divided into mutually exclusive roots in style Amagami SS. But actively affects and pedalsted both in advertising and any associated measure. However, this Tyolyl is even known to those Anonymus that they did not look at him, and all because of the abundance of mempolyts and dematevators about the "importance of the family and the proximity between relatives."
  • It will also not be superfluous to note a variety of about-harem mobag The Idolm @ Ster , Uma Musume и Kancolle The presence of an impersonal male protagonist and the whole heap of a variety of daisy \ horses \ ships \ needed to insert, which the player needs to be raised, teach and if possible to glue or reduce girls together, that turns such titles in the mix of a symulator of dates with Pokemones. However, with the apparent general template, the adaptation of such titles will be quite high and the waiting for at least a ghost haremophage haremium can get an anime as close to the harem The Idolm @ Ster and Platonic Schip Bate Uma Musume , or even overworn fanvis for Yuri workers adaptation Kancolle . However, as close to them adaptation of the Idol Games, it almost never ends neither a heterosexual nor homosexual romance, because the plot of the plot, but the companies still need to sell their Wihif, so all girls will be saved in the most immaculate and free form.
Why hatering all so hate so much or why much is good. Where did they come from and what they are stolen.

Good afternoon, my dear readers. Before that, I already released a few articles about the hamont and gathered not bad for them, at least more than usual. So now I want to build you on the topic why Etty Harereneika is mostly bad. To begin with, I will say that He himself had once a long time ago, an anime procession was started with the works of such a genre. Since they are enough Simply in development, have some vulgarity and based on this humor. No, well, do you know what else is needed for an immature teenager when he has increased hormonal activity below the belt? Girls, many girls, and it is desirable that they are lying to him and from all sides, Like flies on the gov ... In general, you understood ... however There is one incident here, About which I will tell you after a small prolobe.

Why hatering all so hate so much or why much is good. Where did they come from and what they are stolen.

Tragic story takes its beginning, about 2010 Or so, plus-minus one or two years. Exactly In this fatal hour, the anime industry on the head was bogged down in endless haremo-like Taitlah, thereby Starting a certain era of stagnation. Of course, this does not mean that haremniks appeared specifically at that unpleasant moment, arising from nowhere. They existed long before that, hatching evil plans for the enslavement of the animeters of the whole world.

Why hatering all so hate so much or why much is good. Where did they come from and what they are stolen.

First anime in this genre and the progenitor of all future troubles became "Tenti - Extras! Ryou-oh / Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki", published in 1992 In the format of ovashka, the size of six episodes. Then no one thought was still alarming Because these works simply existed, not a foresaw nothing terrible. It became the beginning of the end ... But it is B. 2010. , in my opinion, Somewhere broke the dam, and something went wrong. I do not know exact reason Maybe the percentage of otaku-virgin exceeded the norm, and maybe they simply crossed something in them, in places in strange, thinking.

Why hatering all so hate so much or why much is good. Where did they come from and what they are stolen.

Perhaps someone does not understand why I laid the whole guilt and responsibility on Japanese spectators, So let's deal with this together. And let's start with a fairly trivial question: Why do Japanese anime studios work over the production of anime? Not in order to bring something new to culture, not in order to perpetuate your name like the Creator. Actually The answer is extremely simple: for the banal earnings of the dough. So here's the main sign of payback is the number of discs purchased by Japanese animeshniki with a specific title. AND That is why Japanese studios do not care about the opinion of the Western audience. Meaning to satisfy us, if a sneezed piping Anime-Otaka from all the same Japan does not want to buy an unfortunate disk with this studio product? Therefore, in trouble, there are not workers engaged in production, but island Asians, which seemed to be very distinguished preferences. Now, it seems to me that everything is fine everything.

Why hatering all so hate so much or why much is good. Where did they come from and what they are stolen.

After so long entry, let's I list the highlights, due to which the genre of harem can be undoubtedly considered a cancer tumor anime industry.

Causes of my hate to hamem:

1) Simplicity, banality and primitive plot.

Try now to remember at least one anime harem with a good, clear, competent and interesting plot? What? Hard? Does not work? So I'm about the same. Sometimes it seems that they are stupidly under the copy of them in Japan in Japan, the authors are moving. Although there are several negligible exceptions.

2) a huge number of stamps.

Yes, I understand that the stamps at the moment are everywhere, but not in such supernatural and certainly abnormal quantities, as in haremniks. And this applies to the characters, and the plot, and everything else. What can be said if even the main characters in dozens of tighteners from each other almost do not differ in appearance ...

3) Female characters are extremely weak in intellectual plan.

No, it's nice, of course, when stupid pieces of meat with seductive bulbs without much of the reasons are hung on the main hero, but over time it bores and annoying.

4) Most often, the vulgar humor is absurdness and kidness, from which it is extremely rarely like to laugh.

Please note that in almost every tightener humor is the same ... How long can you laugh with the same joke?

5) Ton to the pain of annoying fanvis.

It is exactly the same thing when the main heroine shorts are in the literal sense of the word twitch in the face. First nice, but then, honestly, not very ...

Why hatering all so hate so much or why much is good. Where did they come from and what they are stolen.

6) Clistens and simply empty characters.

It is unlikely that the "cardboard little men" will be able to conquer the heart of the true animeter ...

7) Budget-thoughtful rice.

The very feeling when the principle of the main character in the tight panties is drawn better than her face ... Make conclusions yourself.

8) Looking for rents and ending.

I can't remember at least one who would fall into the soul.

9) the absence of any semantic load and philosophical premise.

For some, perhaps it will seem even plus. The most thing is to come home after a heavy day, turn off the brain and straighten my right hand. And in general, who in his mind comes to watch haremniks, waiting for their deep meaning? What a stupidity ...

10) flawed, and most importantly indecisive protagonist.

The main problem of haremnikov in general. In 90% of cases, it is a stupid vegetable, which throughout the anime does not develop, only braking the plot and the development of further relationships with girls. He even trite never took advantage of the case and did not break any "cherry" from his "blooming garden." Chi hee.

Why hatering all so hate so much or why much is good. Where did they come from and what they are stolen.

11) The romantic line has not brought to mind.

Did you often inform you that the main vegetable of all Taitla (GG) did not make the choice of the only and close heart of the girls, thereby braking the development of the plot and history in general, leaving even at the very end of everything as it is? Although it is not surprising, with such an IQ is very difficult to think ...

12) Empty and long-standing episodes about a goal on the beach or hot springs.

There are almost every haremnik. Instead of moving the plot forward by the author stupidly kills the whole series of meaningless fanvice. And how it has not yet bored.

13) Painless feed.

But here I will understand only the animeters with experience. Sometimes you can feel how much effort and feelings the creators have invested in their "brainchild", and sometimes you just watch a haremnik ... it is the unpleasant taste when you understand that the Tait is born only for loot revenue, while the Deltsi from the studio is Openly show. Well, eyelidity ...

Why hatering all so hate so much or why much is good. Where did they come from and what they are stolen.

As a result, Haremes are third-rate works ,which also enjoy great popularity , rightly the vital injustice. Of course, There are exceptions And then you are all your ears in the comments now. And in general, if on garlic, then Haparemniks are not true evil, and sometimes even can become an excellent way for "unloading", Who told you above. I confess, I myself I miss my trash from the same discharge through the brain once every couple of months. Here as with alcohol, you need to control the doses, otherwise it is possible to disappoint in the anime industry. In the next article, I will try to tell about the positive side of this topic. I hope only that The publication will not be as short and I will be what to write about ... So wishing will be looking forward to. What do you think? Only please, without an open negativity. You can just approach and say: "Hey, dude, and you not oh * ate?" Then I am everything so understand.

And I have everything on it. Subscribe, put like and write comments. All so far before new meetings.

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---------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

I'll start with the latter, as it is so convenient for me.

Who is "Oyash"? Why anime harem? How (not) to become "Otaku"? Anime, animeters, long

"Otaku" is a fan anime, but unusual, with increased sensitivity to everything, directly or indirectly associated with his favorite occupation.

"Otaku" is not an animeter, because he does not play a role, the love of anime is not a hobby, but the essence of his life. He can spend huge funds on the figure of heroes Anime, go to work (if he has) in a suit of a popular idol, sing the compositions from anime right in the midst of the street, watch the series without a break to sleep and celebrate the birthdays of fictional characters as their own.

This is an obsession to some extent. But pretty peaceful and careless. Otaku rarely violate the peace of society. In the launched cases, they generally disappear from the eyes and sit at home all the time, gradually turning into Neet or dependents on the neck of relatives.

But most Otaku are ordinary people with a commitment to 2D measurement. This is not a disease, like gamerity or alcoholism, it is rather the state of the soul when the world anime becomes closer to the real one.

If it happened to you, do not be afraid - it will pass, especially when you wrap a dozen two bad series. If not, then you can only sustain. I am not a doctor, but not the judge. Be a otaka or not to be, everyone solves himself. The main thing is to remember that there is nothing galloping in this hobby, while you suffer from him only.

My slogan is simple: "Look, what I like and spit on the opinion of others." While the law is not disturbed, we are free in our preferences.

The only my request for those who want or have already become Otaku: Do not break the connection with the real world, because it is more beautiful than you think. And it is he who will allow you to pay bills and acquire new interesting anime things.

Who is "Oyash"? Why anime harem? How (not) to become "Otaku"? Anime, animeters, long

Now I will tell you that this is for the beast, Oyash. An ordinary Japanese schoolboy. Almost like nyash, eh?

This, probably, the christiest archetype, causing indignation in all who looked at the good bunch of serials. Stamp type "Patronza" in domestic fiction.

Oyash-A characterizes as a silly, rag, the chaste king of the harem and the owner of the magical forces, which always sits by the window. This is if short. In fact, Oyash is just a collective image of someone who wants to be a teenager at a special age. Cool, strong hero and conqueror of female breasts ... Hearts, I wanted to say hearts, honestly.

So, this type of character when you watch it in the next time, it is not just a disregard, but a mad rage. And although I often share these feelings, I, perhaps, remain his defender for two reasons.

The first: Because it is so easier to identify yourself with the main hero.

Second: It is so easier to develop his character and worldview.

If you follow a good anime, then many Oyash-and at the end of the series are transformed into decent men and women. "Crown of a sinner" for example.

In contrast, let's remember the comic emptying, where the heroes are trampled in one place and are not capable even on the slightest character.

And I will not hide that in anime there was already a roll towards more decisive heroes, for which our own fate is more important than the mammary glands and the rescue of the planet. I hope that it will continue in the future.

Who is "Oyash"? Why anime harem? How (not) to become "Otaku"? Anime, animeters, long

Well, with two questions, I think, finish, now let's talk about one of the most popular topics in Anime - Harem. Everyone knows the song about Sultan from the Caucasian Captive? What, no? Here is no hope ...

Well, nothing, the main thing is that you have an idea of ​​polygamy, at least from some Brazilian soap "clone", I hope. Harem in anime has several excellent features from the generally accepted.

First, it is almost never considered a harem by its participants. The king or the queen of the harem is always one (on), but their favorites and pets compete separately from each other, and if they still face in the fight, then they do it in such a way as not to break the peace of Oyash, and it reminds the case when feeding ducks in zoo. All birds are robbing to bread, but each one is separate.

Haparem wars are a rare thing unlike love triangles. Why is that? Because the authors of Anime do not want to injure the psyche of Otaku, who are sick for different characters. In Anime, everyone has a chance, so the series rarely ends with a choice. Only uncertainty. There are exceptions, for example, "shuffle" or "Zero No Tsukama", but, unfortunately, or fortunately, the trend has not changed.

Secondly, the harem never breaks down. Whatever the main character or the heroine is not worked, their beloved remains true to the end. Moreover, usually harem only grow up and in the final is replenished with enemies. And even those who have not moved to the dark side of power, from time to time are glanced in the center of the Harem, blushing from envy / jealousy.

By the way, the last is a rather popular thing, but it rarely beats seriously. So, feline fights and screaming comments.

Thirdly, the object of attention of Harem members almost never realizes that he is hunting heart for his (her). Even if before him everyone will dance naked, he or she will only thoughtfully rub his head, to fuck, repose, not knowing what to say.

Yes, it is nonsense and badness. If the Queen of Harem can still depict the Virgin Mary from himself, then believe that a healthy man will refuse to eat a dozen beauties, it is impossible in principle. This curtsy doubtful, but what can you do. Many of them do not want to see a pre-formed pair, and the Moral Commission really wants to ban such series shows, because we all understand what will happen if the main characters or heroines will begin to respond to feelings of their suite.

So we live - neither go here. Remove the harem is to deprive the Anime "Vishnyaki" and simplify the action between the characters. But leave it in constant condition, too, is also not worth it. Many even Japanese spectators are tired of this variety of breasts ... That is, faces! Therefore, more and more often prefers to see sincere relationships and determination. The process is gradual, but not as fast as I wanted.

1What does harem mean in anime?What does harem mean in anime?

Beginner lovers of anime, quite often stumble upon the genres, which they did not even suspect. Some of them are in a stupor, without understanding the meaning of various jargonis. However, not everything is so sad, as it seems at first glance. On our website fashion-words.rf we create a separate dictionary in which we decipher the most popular expressions and concepts. Add us to bookmarks, because it is enough to find the necessary word here. Today we will talk from such a term as

Harem in anime

What you can read a little later.

However, before I continue, I would like to recommend you some more cognitive articles on

Themes of animele slang

. For example, what does it mean


, what


how to understand the word


What means



So, will continue

What does Harearemnik mean in anime

? This term comes from the Japanese language ハーレム (ha: Rama), and translated as "harem".

Harem in anime - This is a special genre in which the protagonist is surrounded by representatives of the opposite sex.

Find out more,

What is a reverse harem

(Reverse harem)?

This is a live dream! If you even looked a little anime, I'm sure you have come across this genre. What is this genre? Well, in a word, it is a dream of any



A typical harem of a male character, which is usually the most common guy, which is in most cases shy and modest. True, sometimes elements are slipped in this genre


. However, he is definitely a positive hero, although extremely fortification and emotional, and his best friend is real



This simple parenchyok is always surrounded by a group of girls. What do they look, you ask? Cute, with * zassual, delightful, so they can be described in several words. These


They surround our main character from all sides, and crazy about his appearance and character! Is it not a dream of any otaka? As each anime is different from the other, then the girls are divided into several main categories: The Sadist, Bubbly With Big Boobs, The Bossy Bishoujo, The Lolita, The Childhood Friend, The Mysterious Girl, The Tsundere, And The Megane. Yes, there are even more types, but I think that you have already become more or less clear what we are talking about. By


In Haparemnik, girls are presented for all tastes. What is your ideal woman?

Harem Anime usually includes and


like a genre. So get ready for tits, and once again to boobs. Yes, there will be many buffers. Harem in Anime, also full of humor, romance and all types of fetish. However, do not worry, because not all harem anime is tits. "SHUFFLE" anime! This


, includes a lot of secrets, and is filled with dark ideas. Moreover, much more than other harem, but compared to another harem anime, there is no nudity in this series. Despite this, you still have a few Bishoujo (Bisejdze) to melt yours



Reading this cognitive article, you learned

What does harem mean

In anime, and you will no longer guess when I'll stop at this genre again.

Details on specific examples disassembled what is the concept / genre of harem in anime.

Snapshot: Negima! (2006) EP 09 - 996

The subject of our discussion will not be just "harem", but "Anime Harem". It is important. "Harem" is the word to all known, which everyone considers it possible to interpret at its discretion. What causes certain difficulties in understanding how it should be used in anime. Is this the most famous "harem", or, nevertheless, something else?

The problem exists not only in the Russian-speaking community. Turning to different bases Anime, you will find that the Tistle may be accompanied by a different set of genres. For example, in the MYANIMELIST database and on the Wikipedia page, the genre "Harem" for the stories of monsters (2009) is absent, and in Anidb (instead of the concept " genre ", they use " tag ", Which performs a similar function) it is. You should not be surprised, in the second case, the tag was added by the public voting of database users, and not as a result of a volitional administrative decision. " VOX POPULI VOX DEI! "Indeed? Or still not? Let's try to figure out the word "harem" means in different situations.

Paint: Cormon Fernand - Le Harem (1877)

Fernan Cormon "Le Harem" (1877)

Eastern Harem.

First of all, we will be accurate. No "Western Harem" does not exist in nature. If there is some kind of "harem", then this is a harem of East. What is it?

Harem ... - Moometan Terem or part of the house, where women live separately from men. According to the concepts of Muslims, no power, secular or spiritual, none of the extraneous men, even home, except the owner and children cannot cross the threshold of the harem ...

If you wish to use the word "harem" in its main value, then you can apply it to some anime setting only in the rarest cases. As an example, you can point out a series of love troubles: Darkness (2012), where Momo is justified by the tradition of Eastern Harem, collecting girls for rito. Mention of the harem of this kind is also available in the steel alchemist (2003). So about the concept of "harem" in anime makes sense to speak exclusively in a figurative sense. Then what exactly is worth using?

The generally accepted meaning of the word "harem"

Do you have only girls in your family? Yes, the whole four. Oh, yes you have a real harem!

Can we use this concept of harem to determine anime genre? Obviously, there is no, otherwise there will be a huge number of titles, very far from the meaning intuitively investigated into the genre. Fix the following statement: " You cannot to determine the belonging of such a tightener to the genre of harem to use your intuitive ideas that have established you outside the anime subculture. " Of course, this situation can look not very comfortable for you. You understand well what "harem" is in its canonical and domestic meaning, but you are forced to use some other, a special meaning is well a familiar word.

Snapshot: Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final (2011) - Double Kiss

Genre "Harem"

Harem in Manga and Anime is an emphasis on polygamy or the relationship of the "love triangle", characterized by the surroundings of the main character in three or more characters in love with the same or opposite sex in love and the presence of sexual and / or love interest.

Harem is a genre / main story, typical of the forms of mass culture of Japan - anime, manga, visual novel and video games.

He usually shows a high school student from at least two (usually at least three and often them much more) available to girls who are actively interested in, although they can and for some other reason to be associated with it. Also possible reverse harem, LGBT and special options for earlier age. Usually, each member of the harem has a distinguished character, often personifying some separate archetype. The protagonist almost never comes into romantic relationships with one of the members of his harem, except maybe under the curtain of the narrative.

Harem is an anime genre, which includes one leading male character and several cute pretty female supporting characters. In a typical case, the main male character will be in a situation where it will be associated with family relationships with women's characters. Usually the main male character has nothing stand out - he is shy, clumsy and has no girl. If we talk about harem characters, each of them usually has unique physical and personality features representing various stereotypes playing on popular Japanese fetishes, such as smart, Sorvigolov, younger sister, mature woman and others.

I chose the above definitions not by chance, these are the most authoritative sources of the current anime of terminology. Unfortunately, despite the presence of some common features in different definitions, we still can not withdraw the only correct one of them. If one of all the definitions leave only the coinciding features (and still eliminate those that are accompanied by adjective "ordinary", "typical", etc.), the result will describe almost any anime. If, on the contrary, require the availability of all the mentioned signs, then it will be very difficult to find specific titles that are satisfying them.

In addition, the smaller the specific source begins to describe the concept of harem, the more vague it becomes or even begins to contradict himself. For example, the basic definition of Wikipedia (see above) hard requires a certain type of relationship in a harem: " focus on polygamy or loving triangle relationship " But further on the text, this definition is completely destroyed by the offer: " Although (romantic) proximity is almost always present, it is in no way mandatory "

If we use the full (and not only the basic) definition of Wikipedia, then we are amazed to find that Miyazaki's masterpiece My neighbor Totoro (1988) should relate to the genre of the harem. The head of the Tatsuo Kusakab family is "surrounded by" three female characters: his wife Yasuko and two daughters Satsuki and May. Unlikely, the authors of the article sought so much interpretation of the term.

Adaptation Erote

The genre of harem is sometimes appointed anime adaptation with ero in the event that this genre is already present in the original visual novel, erotic RPG or date simulator. What is not always reasonable, since in the process of adapting the plot can change so much that anime is already difficult to attribute to the original genre. For example, although the original source for fate / night fade (2006) is Haparem (Saber, Rin and Sakura) Erod, I do not remember that someone insisted that the Tistle itself needs to be considered belonging to the genre of Harem.

Snapshot: Mahou Sensei Negima! Shiroki TSubasa Ala Alba (2008) EP 3

How to determine the genre of harem?

In the previous subsections, we disassembled the options for determining the word "harem" used in various subject areas. We came to the following conclusions:

  • The etymology of the word "harem" is an east harem. But as the definition of the oriental harem genre is not suitable, as it describes a too narrow area, practically not found in anime.
  • Portable (domestic) meaning of the word "harem". Describes such a common situation that, guided by this meaning to determine the genre, it can be applied to a significant majority of anime. For this reason, this value of the term does not suit us either.
  • The determination (genre) of the harem in various sources related to anime. The definitions in them differ so much that it is difficult to allocate their common features. None of them is also so authoritative and continued source, such that we could take one of the definitions to continue to use it.

So we do not have anything left, except to try to find the golden middle item. Our (quite reasonable) requirements for the definition of harem:

  1. It should be described not too wide and not too narrow set of anime titles. Otherwise, in that and in another case, its value as a designer will be leveled.
  2. It should not be interpreted by different user groups. For example, negatively belonging to the very fact of harem in anime.

I think that a compromise must be sought in the santrician concept of harem. No matter how you personally belonged to the presence of Ferservis in anime, neither lovers nor haters deny the fact itself of its presence at least in some Taitlah.

Snapshot: Negima! (2006) EP 24 - 246

Harem like fanvis

FanServis - the reception in modern visual arts, the key feature is the inclusion of certain scenes or angles in the story series, which are not plotting, but are designed for a certain response from the main target audience in order to increase the interest and / or attracting potential spectators.

The definition includes two main conditions:

  1. The presence of elements calculated on a guaranteed response of at least parts from the main target audience in order to increase its interest and / or attract the potential viewers of the other Central Asian.
  2. These elements cannot be plot-forming.

Let us ask me: " Or maybe a harem in anime to be not fanvisny? "We are especially interested in the implementation of the condition # 1. From his point of view, the harem is primarily attractive for individuals who are not widely successful in potential sexual or romantic partners. The presence of success in only one partner as a rule, the problem does not solve. It is certainly necessary to have or simply choices (which is important: I can not succeed at one, and in anime for the GH, with whom I identify myself, runs three at once), or a variety in choosing. Garema in anime usually provide the first and second.

A brief answer to the questions asked: " Yes maybe " Above I mentioned the steel alchemist (2003), in which the harem did not belong to the GH, which completely destroys its potential fanvice effect. But we also talked about the fact that this kind of harem in anime is extremely rare.

The discussions are often used by the term "Fanvish Taitle" (in the case of Garem genre, the word "haremka" is used), which suggests that the main content of the title is the image of fanvis scenes. If you carefully read in the definition of FanSvis, then you will find that the concept of "Fanvish Taitle" is an oxymoron. Fanvisny scenes will, by definition, the main content of the Taitla, where the plot is included, that is, fanvisny scenes are plug-forming . But, by definition of fanvis, these scenes cannot be plotting. In relation to the genre "harem", this means that either the elements of the harem are not fanvisnic, or the TOLLL itself cannot be defined as "Fantsvice".

Thus, "harem" can act as an isolated fanvice element, but it cannot serve as the basis for the title rank as a whole to the category of FanServis (what is called "Etty").

Snapshot: Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final (2011) - Harem Blackboard Paint

Definition of harem

The above arguments lead us to the conclusion that both the identities and their free interpretation (part) of the anime of the community do not give us a qualitative definition. Let's try to formulate it, based on two basic principles:

  1. Harem is a fanvice element anime. With an obvious to any sensible viewer.
  2. At the same time, it is not trivial so much that we can either be called "harem", or, on the contrary, we can practically not be able to find a single Tistle where it is available. There will be no big secret that such a car and a small trolley is a popular anime theme. Our goal is to formulate the term in order to apply it in relation to those and only those titles that really deserve it.

Two or three?

Wikipedia does not make a difference. I would not do it either. Fanvisnaya essence of Harem is the possibility of choosing a potential romantic / sexual partner. Why is the possibility of choosing from two or three changes the idea of ​​choice itself? I would stay on the 2nd.

Sympathy or something else?

Sympathy is so wide term that it can be applied to anything. Shop Shop, where you buy your bottle of milk every morning for obvious reasons can experience sympathy for you. The fact that both he and you are both men, nothing changes, we live in a world where such details have ceased to be of fundamental importance. So instead of sympathy, we will have a "potential romantic / sexual partner". With whatever sympathy, the store seller did not belong, it is unlikely that he is ready to make a novel with you. But if it's still ready - then yes, we boldly turn it on with the members of the harem.

When does your choice appear?

If you have more than 20 years old and you are not exactly the freak, then you probably had a classmate who built you eyes. And at work / At the Institute, another, which makes the same thing. Is it already a harem? However, the FanSvis idea "choice" itself disappears. In each of the moments of choice, you did not have.

Where does your choice appear?

You work in the office where your colleague builds you eyes. Then you went on vacation, where the hotel got acquainted with the Miley Maiden. Is it too a harem? However, where is the choice? The hotel you do not have colleague, and in the office of the Miley's maiden from the hotel.

Are your partners are equivalent?

You are married, happy in marriage and you have three children. At the same time, your secretary is not averse to the novel with you. Is it a harem? In some sense - yes. But, after all, in the manga / anime, it is usually implied by something else. You can simultaneously be a loving wife and harem, it is not reborn. But the wife is already the number of harem inhabitants does not enter. Unless, of course, it is really in a special position.

Snapshot: Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final (2011) - Naked

And again about the eastern harem

The best way to define a harem is to take advantage of intuitive ideas about its oriental version. Please note that we are not interested in Eastern Garem, but only those of his traits that we are intuitively attributed to him. And not just "harem" in a figurative sense, namely Eastern Harem. We are all brought up in about one culture, so hardly our opinions will be distinguished again.

So, the harem is a place in the possessions of the Turkish Sultan, where he comes in the evening and, by giving watering a surrounding girl, occurs: " Today you are about the beautiful, share the bed with me "

  1. At each specific moment, Sultan has the ability to choose. If on Mondays he can only be a guilder, and on Wednesdays only Zainab, then this is not a harem, but the visit of the new Russian to the Public House: " Today, Zainab is busy with another client "
  2. Continuing the previous analogy - harem belongs to you personally, and not a public domain. As soon as the harem appears another user, the functioning of the harem as "harem" stops. The same applies to its inhabitants. As soon as she stops belonging to all the worships, you personally, so right away from the harem automatically leaves. Or, worse, sequir Baska.
  3. Making a choice, Sultan cannot get a refusal. More precisely, it may, but then the rejected sequir of the ball and we return to the first approval.
  4. At any time, at least two (or is it all three?) The girls seek the opportunity to spend the night with the Great Sultan.
  5. At each specific moment, Sultan is not connected by some obligations with one of its elects, who would prevent him from spending the night on the other. Otherwise, "Harem" will remain in itself, and Sultan itself with his permanent lover. This is important because the harem ceases to be "harem" without participating in Him Sultan.
  6. Only Sultan himself has the right to decide who is worthy to be in his harem. The beauty of the plan linked and ... Clean Baska.

We will transfer to Anime, where we have Oyash instead of the great Sultan, and instead of "spending the night" there will be a "romantic relationship" and, voila, here is our harem.

Well, again, twenty-five, it seems to be discussed a hundred times, no? Let's do it again. What is a harem?

1. Surrounding the male character (in this case, we will not discuss others) at least 3 representatives of women. Dog nonsense, we all surrounded by someone. Even the most revealing households can be surrounded by a mother, a grandmother and a nasty neighbor on a stairwell, a terrible mamro-nurse from a mental hospital. Is it a harem?

2. Female representatives feed on sympathy to GG. Mom - nourishes, grandmother - nourishes, Mamra, too, sometimes. Harem?

Snapshot: Mahou Sensei Negima! Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba (2008) ending poster 3

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